Video Premiere: Indie Pop Rocker JP Hoe Pays Homage To The Beatles In ‘Say What You Want To Say’

Winnipeg indie singer-songwriter JP Hoe has officially dropped his delightfully vintage music video for his song, “Say What You Want To Say.”

Hitting like a most welcomed beach breeze, the groovy semi-psych riff emanating from Hoe’s Epiphone on the new single immediately endears, as does the accompanying black and white video of the band performing. The single itself dropped last week, July 15th, and the music video brings a whole new life to the song.

With a rightful nod to The Beatles’ “We Can Work It Out” BBC video, Hoe’s visual features his ensemble made up of Jason Pankratz, Derek Allard, and Rusty Robot who take the place of the iconic members of The Fab Four. Directed by Randy Frykas, the video induces nostalgia to the viewers, and doesn’t try too hard to send any kind of cryptic hard-to-follow message. It’s just the band donned in black, playing their instruments with the drummer propped up with an all but blank, dream-like background.

As a husband and father, Hoe keeps himself occupied and committed to building his family dynamic outside of his musical prowess. When his son Parker was born, there were some complications with the delivery that caused him to enter the world four weeks early. After that experience, Hoe has had a new perspective on life.

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In an interview with his hometown paper, the Winnipeg Free Press, Hoe said “If you have a bad show, if you have a bad tour, this is not what the bad stuff is. I saw what the bad stuff is. He (Parker) was 30 seconds away from dying and that’s the bad stuff.” Much of this perspective seems to be displayed within the mellow groove of the artist’s new single.

Hoe’s upcoming album, Botanicals, which was recorded during the pandemic, tells the story of how he plans to live the rest of his life with more purpose and passion. The album is due in September, and will be kicked off by two shows in Manitoba, Canada.

You can follow along with Hoe’s life and music through his own personal blog, and be sure to keep an eye out for Botanicals come September.

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