Munich Country Singer-Songwriter Katie Wellenberg Releases Bold New Single ‘Gambler’

“It is the lyrics that can get us thinking, while the compositions take us way beyond conscious understanding.”

This thought-provoking quote by Munich singer-songwriter Katie Wellenberg, who dropped her new single, “Gambler” today July 22nd, rings true within her own artistry. Her songwriting ability and attention to lyrical detail has proven to be a calling card of the endearing country-leaning songstress.

Hailing across the pond in Germany, Wellenberg uses her multilingual ability as a tool. In a previous interview with us, she discussed how while the German language is very detailed in structure, she feels it lacks the ability to express emotions the way that other languages do. She started learning English at six-years-old and Spanish at fourteen, and elaborated she struggles to write songs in German because she feels that it lacks poetic nature.

“Gambler” is the lead single off of Wellenberg’s upcoming storytelling album, Time Will Tell, set for an August release. “I wanted to be a voice for all the women who do not stand up and take back control. With ‘Gambler’ I am telling them that I have their back. Music has always been like a best friend to me, and I write from a place of truth and connectivity,” she says.

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The song’s chorus displays a bold and brave sentiment, as Wellenberg sings, “I’m a born gambler baby / Try to break my heart / But don’t come running to me / If it ain’t in your cards.” The instrumentation has most endearing country-western undertones, and as a whole hones a sense of confidence and pride.

Her debut album, Root To Rise, released in 2020, was an homage to the life of a highly sensitive woman on her journey from savage teenage years towards maturity and self-discovery. Her impending second album comprises eight love songs that take listeners from wishful thinking past emotional torments towards liberation and healing.

Wellenberg is much more than just a talented singer-songwriter; being a certified audio technician, she also prides herself on expanding her knowledge of arrangement and music production. For her professional releases, she works with her trusted long-term producer, Alex Keogh of the Munich Sessions team.

“All I ever wanted was for my music to have an impact on peoples’ lives in the way music has impacted and often times saved mine,” Wellenberg says.

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