Discover new artists and songs with a handful of our carefully curated playlists primarily based on more under-the-radar artists we’ve covered or have come across. Eclectic and fun mixes best suited for drives, get togethers, tidying up the ranch, board games, billiards tournaments, and other relatable activities.

Music Mecca Top 25

Our exclusive list of our favorite new songs from artists far and wide.

Nashville Songwriter Showcase

A blend of new Americana, country, indie, rock, & songwriter tracks straight outta Music City.

Nashville Goes Pop

Featuring the newest Nashville songwriter pop, indie pop, dream pop, and R&B tracks.

Indie & Chill

Take a load off with our rotation of chill indie tracks. CBD not included.

Back Country Bangers

Country, bluegrass, & Americana songs that take us to greener pastures.

Barn Burnin’

Boot tappin’ country, bluegrass, & Americana numbers. Best hold yer hats, cowboys & cowgirls.


Folk, roots, Americana, & worldly music, inspired by The FLX Grassroots Festival.

Hits Different

Off the beaten path alternative, indie, bedroom pop, & other tracks that just hit different.


Don’t blame us if you quit your job, buy a Harley, & take to the open road with these new songs.