About Us

Music Mecca is a Nashville-centric online music publication showcasing non-mainstream artists via interviews, features, playlist curations, show coverage, and more. We also conduct articles on music-related events, organizations, businesses, and anything in that realm.

We are a small team of dedicated writers and musicians working to create quality pieces of content to help support the independent music community, entertain and inform fans, discuss the ever-evolving music world, and so on. We take pride in publishing well-written introspective articles, and that’s what we’ve garnered a reputation for.

Typically we cater to songwriters and instrument-driven music, but we’re always open.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the categories:

Nashville’s Newest- Features on artists making music in Nashville with either recent or upcoming releases. It also includes music events, business spotlights, streams, and so on. Priority goes to Music Mecca’s hometown.

Around The Block- The same as above, except these focus on artists from all over, namely within North America and Europe. We are a part of online platforms like Submit Hub, ReverbNation, & Groover, so we receive submissions from all over.

Tales From The Show- Narrative show and event stories from our on-site journalists. We typically cover whatever interests us ranging from small club shows, to acclaimed festivals. We always obtain official press/photo passes for each show covered.

Top Picks- Well they ain’t the bottom picks…

News You Can Use- Special event news, music business/organization spotlights, informational pieces, and anything else relevant to the independent music scene.

Playlists- We maintain and update multiple playlists, curated primarily based on artists we’ve worked with or covered to some capacity. They range from mellow indie songwriter tunes, to barn burnin’ country and bluegrass, to pure guitar-led rock and roll among others. A range of genres and moods for your day-to-day.

Gallery- Photos of shows taken by photographers who shot specifically for us. Again, we always obtain official photo passes for our photographers. Most of the time we shoot photos of artists we’ve done an interview with, or are conducting a show review for.

Music Mecca launched in 2017, and what actually began as a music classifieds website (think all-things-music Craigslist) transformed into a full-fledged online music publication, and we’ve since published over 750 articles. We’ve become entrenched in the Nashville community, including being a part of Belmont University’s Internship Program, The Entrepreneur Center’s Advisory Program, and continue to expand our network of artists, businesses, and music-related agencies.

Our mission is to maintain a consistent and concise platform for both rising and established artists. We aim to be a unique and useful avenue for dedicated artists to get more exposure for their music. And with that, we hope to be a resource for fans to read about their favorite artists and discover new ones.

Stay tuned, stay well, and read about some of the folks behind the site.

Paul Howard


It all started with the soundtracks to VHS skate videos and a cream-colored Fender Squier bass for Paul. And when his curiosity for writing began in his early twenties, he taught himself guitar and began writing songs. Paul first sought out freelance writing gigs while volunteering at a hostel in California in 2013, and would continue to do so throughout the years. While living in tents and bunk beds that same year, he started writing what would be his nonfiction humor travelogue book, Vagrants in Paradise, which was published in 2016 and featured at the Southern Festival of Books that same year and again in 2017.

Rachel Kolibas

Senior Journalist/Director of Communications

After a minor existential crisis over what she wanted to do with her life in the music industry, Rachel found Music Mecca while searching for internships that might be of interest to her. As someone who wanted to try everything from management, to marketing, to publishing, Rachel hadn’t thought of music journalism as an option for her before, but knowing how much she loved to write, she gave it a shot. Rachel is in her fourth and final year at Belmont University studying audio engineering and dance. Although she loves producing her own music, she’s found a passion for writing about artists far and wide. Rachel is working towards her own album that she hopes to release some time next year.

Andre Sabatini

Administrative & Financial Coordinator

Andre currently works in the college admissions system in Knoxville, Tennessee, but played an important role in the inception and growth of Music Mecca. In the early days of the site, Andre helped generate ideas and accumulate finances, and managed various other behind the scenes objectives. He grew up with Paul in The Finger Lakes region of New York, and is a long time acoustic guitar player and fellow lover of the arts and finer things.


Anthony Fili

Graphic Designer

Anthony is a local Nashville artist and graphic designer, and go figure, also grew up with Paul and Andre in New York. Anthony is responsible for the Music Mecca logo that has been printed on guitar picks, matchbooks, koozies, stickers, and seen by the many visitors to the site and elsewhere. As you can see, he’s also an avid axe master, and has played and recorded in multiple bands in town. He’s an exceptional artist, and you can check out his artwork on his Instagram. Drop him a DM if you’re in need of some design work or commissioned art.

Current Contributors

Mattie Elliot

Anthony Sandoval

Clara Rose

Olivia Herring

Chloe Crowder

Evan Fenne

Spencer Nachman