About Us

Music Mecca is a Nashville-based online music publication featuring artist interviews, release news, immersive show reviews, and more. We are a small, independent team of writers and musicians with the primary intention of helping indie artists get more eyes and ears on what they’re doing. While we focus on that, we also conduct pieces on more established artists as well.

We try to keep things fun and light, and focus on the artists behind the music as much as the music itself.

A quick breakdown of the categories:

Nashville’s Newest- This focuses on artists making music in Nashville with albums/singles/shows or whatever else they may have on the horizon. As a Nashville-based operation, we want to help the hometown musicians working hard as best we can. We have three slightly varying interview styles: the in-depth interview (typically geared for more established artists & albums), rapid-fire interviews surrounding a new release/single (typically for newer artists), and 22 Questions which we like to go a little off the rails with and ask some off the beaten path questions primarily about the artist themselves (i.e. would you rather be Tiger King or Don Antel).

Around The Block- The same as above, except these focus on artists from all over the country and the world for that matter. We are a part of Submit Hub and ReverbNation, and get lots of artist submissions through those outlets on top of the other avenues in which we connect with artists.

Nashville Nights- Immersive show recaps. We’ll typically cover smaller to mid-sized shows, and always obtain official press/photo passes for each show we do. Fun, informative, and sometimes off-beat gonzo music journalism.

Gallery- Photos of local shows taken by photographers who shoot specifically for us. Again we always obtain official photo passes for our photographers. Most of the time we shoot photos of artists we’ve done an interview with, or are conducting a show review for.

New Faces- This is a sub-category, and these hone in on upcoming artists in the beginning phases of their music career.

From The Vault- These are a bit older from when we did generic articles on various up and coming artists.

Music Mecca launched in 2017, and what actually began as a music classifieds website (think all-things-music Craigslist) transformed into a full-fledged online music publication. In a nutshell, the classifieds was too much to get off the ground, but our blog constantly garnered more and more engagement, to the point where gears were switched, and here we are.

We’ve since become entrenched in the local community, including Belmont University‚Äôs Internship Program, The Entrepreneur Center’s Advisory Program, and continue to expand our local network of artists, businesses, and music-related agencies.

Our mission is to maintain a consistent stream of entertainment and information regarding both new and established artists. We want to shed a fun, interesting, and off-beat journalistic light on the vast music scene that makes up Nashville, and select national artists as well. If we can be a unique and useful avenue for dedicated artists to get more eyes and ears on what they’re doing, we’ll be psyched. And with that, we hope to be a resource for fans to read about their favorite artists, and discover new ones.

We’re currently working on a web series called Nashville Deck Sessions, and recently released our pilot episode.

Stay tuned!

Team Music Mecca