About Us

Music Mecca is a Nashville-based online music publication sharing artist interviews, release news, show reviews, and more. We are a small team of writers and musicians based out of Nashville.

A quick breakdown of the categories:

Interviews- We cast a fairly vast net with our interviews, typically talking to Nashville-centric artists, but have been known to get some national and international artists involved too. We’ll usually seek out artists with a recent release, one on the horizon, an approaching tour, upcoming locals shows, and so on. We cover artists of various different popularity levels and genres.

New Releases- These are are quicker type interviews, revolving around an upcoming or recent release, with some fun questions thrown into the mix to learn about the artist. (who/what/where/when/cannolis or cheesecake)

Nashville Nights- Show reviews. We try to cover multiple different genres, and give an informative and fun recap of select shows in town. We’ll typically cover small to mid-sized shows.

New Faces- Similar to our New Releases category, these hone in on upcoming artists in the beginning phases of their music career. Again primarily with a Nashville focus.

Features- These are a bit older from when we did generic articles on various different up and coming artists.

Music Mecca launched in 2017, and we’ve since become part of the local community, including Belmont University’s Internship Program, The Entrepreneur Center’s Advisory Program, and have worked with a number of music organizations and artists. We’ve had sponsored shows throughout the city, and there’s a chance you’ve come across some MM gear floating around town.

We aim to establish ourselves as a go-to source of entertainment and information regarding both new and established artists (as stated above, typically Nashville based artists). We want to be a consistent avenue for dedicated artists of all genres and popularity levels to get more eyes and ears on what they’re doing. And with that, be a resource for fans to read about their favorite artists, and discover new ones. We’re currently working on a web series called Nashville Deck Sessions, and are shooting to release the pilot episode sometime in November 2019.

Stay tuned!

Team Music Mecca