About Us

Music Mecca is a Nashville-centric online music publication showcasing non-mainstream artists via interviews, features, playlist curations, show coverage, and more. We also conduct articles on music related events, organizations, businesses, and anything in that bubble.

We are a small team of dedicated writers and musicians working to create quality pieces of content to help support the independent music community, entertain and inform fans, discuss the ever-evolving music world, and whatever else we find interesting. We take pride in publishing well-written introspective articles, and that’s what we’ve garnered a reputation for.

Typically we cater to songwriters and instrument-driven music, but we’re always open.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the categories:

Nashville’s Newest- Features on artists making music in Nashville with either recent or upcoming releases. It also includes music events, business spotlights, news, and so on. Priority goes to Music Mecca’s hometown.

Around The Block- Same as above, except these focus on artists from all over the country and globe.

Top Picks- Well they ain’t the bottom picks…

News You Can Use- Special event news, music business/organization spotlights, informational pieces, and anything else relevant to the scene.

Tales From The Show- Narrative show and event stories from our on-site note-scribblers. We typically cover whatever interests us ranging from small club shows, to acclaimed festivals. We (almost) always obtain official press/photo passes for each show covered. Gonzo music journalism at its finest.

Playlists- We maintain and update multiple playlists, curated primarily based on artists we’ve worked with or covered to some capacity. They range from mellow indie songwriter tunes, to barn burnin’ country and bluegrass, to pure guitar-led rock and roll among others. A range of genres and moods for your day-to-day.

Gallery- Photos of shows taken by photographers who shot specifically for us or events we were a part of. Again, we (almost) always obtain official photo passes for our photographers. Most of the time we shoot photos of artists we’ve done a feature on, or are conducting a show review for.

Music Mecca launched in 2017, and what started as a music classifieds website (think all-things-music Craigslist) soon transformed into a full-fledged online music publication. We’ve since published well over 1,000 articles and travel around the country covering events. We’ve become entrenched in the Nashville community, including being an active part of Belmont University’s Internship Program, The Entrepreneur Center’s Advisory Program, and continue to expand our ever-growing network of artists, businesses, and music-related agencies.

Our mission is to maintain a consistent and concise platform for both rising and established artists. We aim to be a unique and useful avenue for dedicated artists to get more exposure for their music. And with that, we hope to be a resource for fans to read about their favorite artists and discover new ones. Perhaps most of all, we love to write and storytell on behalf of others, and take pride in it.

Stay tuned and stay well.


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