VIDEO PREMIERE: Afton Wolfe Exhibits The Simple Joys Of Overcoming Grief In ‘Cry’

Sometimes you just need to let it all out.

When words can’t convey the agony and pain we all go through at some point in our lives, “all you can do is cry.” And such is the title of gritty Americana songsmith Afton Wolfe’s latest single, “Cry.”

“‘Cry’ is a song that came about while I was trying to find the words to console a friend who had just suffered an unimaginable tragedy, losing his wife and the mother of his three daughters,” Wolfe reflects. “After trying for days to compose a sentence or two to text him, this song was completely written in a matter of minutes. It’s the most emotional song I’ve ever written.”

The single, which is the lead track off of his February 3rd EP, Twenty-Three, now has an accompanying music video which goes from somber to silly in just a few minutes thanks to a special cameo, reminding us it’s never all doom and gloom.

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The official music video, which was brilliantly filmed by Duende Vision (Anana Kaye & Irakli Gabriel), stars a cast of Nashville cats including Tommy Womack, Cliff Seltzer, Sup3r8, Willa Emmitt, Holly Smith, John Walker, Paul Howard (this writer), and introduces the star of the video, Miss Hazel Mae Wolfe. Kaye & Gabriel also shot the videos for Wolfe’s “Ooh La La,” “Late Nite Radio,” and “Paper Piano.”

Afton Wolfe // Photo by Jeff Fasano

Depicting friends showing up to a house paying their respects to a passed on loved one, the mood is set from the get go. But before long, a little burst of light in the form of Wolfe’s niece (Hazel Mae) comes shooting into the dining room with the mourners sitting around a table, quickly eliciting smiles and uncontrollable laughter out of them.

“The setting is a visitation after a memorial. Food, sadness, reminiscing. It’s a literal interpretation of a literal song. My adorable and brilliant niece Hazel clearly symbolizes that life goes on, and beauty, joy, and laughter will come again. And she’s coaxed to inspire that by the mourner played by Tommy Womack, who seems to be among the most affected by the loss being honored. It’s a literal interpretation of a literal song,” he says.

Wolfe had the many talents of Seth Fox, Daniel Seymour, Chad Stuible, Madison George, Melanie Dewey, Regina McCrary, Zachery Douglas, and Mike Miz all playing key roles on the track. It was produced by Brett Ryan Stewart & Seth Fox and released via Grandiflora Records.

Wolfe has upcoming shows at The Underdog on June 2nd and The Eighth Room on June 29th.

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