Get To Know: Evanthia Dives Into The Uncertainty Of Relationships On Debut Single ‘The Deep End’

For fans of Evanthia, the wait is finally over.

Dropping today, May 25th, is her debut single, “The Deep End,” which has seen extensive buildup and hype on her social media platforms. Like it sounds, the song is a foray into the struggles and uncertainty of romantic relationships and the fear that comes with approaching “the deep end” of love.   

The single combines contemporary pop, singer-songwriter, and country flair. Produced in Nashville by Mark Seigel, the song was co-written with renowned country songwriters Wyatt Durette and Tyler Filmore. 

The song’s tender nature explores the feeling of loving someone and not knowing if the other person feels the same. Capturing the unpredictability of romantic relationships, the lyrics echo a hesitancy to get overly involved with someone unless the love is returned. Evanthia sings with a keen vulnerability, part of what makes her a captivating and relatable artist. 

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“The Deep End”

With over a million followers across social media platforms, Evanthia’s transparency and confidence have garnered a significant fanbase. At the heart of her music is a willingness to get vulnerable and to fearlessly delve into tough feelings. 

Evanthia got her start in St. Louis, where she was born and raised. Like many young girls, her childhood was inspired by Disney Channel stars such as Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. Honing her skills with acting, dance, and singing lessons, she’s come a long way from her first job in a McDonald’s commercial. Her career has most recently led her to Nashville, where she now resides, playing shows at local venues including the legendary Bluebird Cafe. 

Grammy-winning producer, Tony Brown, has recognized Evanthia as an “artist/writer who can stand amongst today’s elitist group of aspiring deep songwriters.” Her music has that quality of sounding “commercial… yet oozing with integrity.” 

“The Deep End” is a strong jumping point for the emerging musical career of Evanthia, and the sky is the limit. The debut of her new single is only a taste of what’s to come from the budding young artist.

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