Get To Know: Megan Pollaro Of NYC Duo Twilight Muse Talks New Single ‘Electrify Me’, Upcoming Album

In their latest single, “Electrify Me,” NYC duo Twilight Muse deliver an appropriately ripping electric guitar from the jump, leading into a melodic contemporary groove that sticks in your head.

The genre-bending duo, composed of Megan Pollaro and Andrew Shapiro, first met in 2019 at an open jam session. They quickly discovered their shared passion for writing and performing music, despite family responsibilities and time-consuming careers.

The pair officially formed when they started their first project, Ultrasound, a funk cover band that performed around New York City. Before long, the two were writing and recording original music together. 

Their unique style is described by the artists as eclectic yet cohesive, influenced by a variety of diverse genres ranging from Americana to New Wave to modern R&B. Their mature songwriting approach draws from raw real-life experiences, told by Shapiro and Pollaro from the male and female perspective. 

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The duo has their debut album, A Moment Out of Time, set for a June 23rd release date. 

We had the opportunity to chat with Pollaro to learn more about the two as artists, “Electrify Me,” the upcoming album, and much more.

So can you tell us about the origins of Twilight Muse and how you chose the name?  

Andrew and I met in 2019 at an open jam session in NYC and played together in a high-energy funk cover band, Ultrasound, which sparked our desire to write songs together and launch Twilight Muse. As for choosing the name – “Twilight” is a time of day, but also suggests a stage in one’s life and “Muse” can mean being absorbed in thought or being an artistic source of inspiration. We liked the open-endedness of it.

How did/do each of your individual backgrounds contribute to the music you make?

I’ve held a career in the music business for some time now and always thought of myself as a really good “car singer!” I come from a musical family, and used to write poetry and the lyrics to the songs I loved. Andrew has been writing and playing music since high school, but after college got sidetracked by an evolving career as an author, sustainable business strategist, and impact investor. When his 50th birthday approached, he resolved to pursue music again (yay!).

“Electrify Me”

You recently dropped your latest single, “Electrify Me.” What’s the inspiration and influence behind it?

“Electrify Me” is a tune that showcases another side of Twilight Muse. It’s our more New Wave, guitar-heavy rocker drawing inspiration from everyone from The Cars to The Allman Brothers to The Clash. It includes themes of romance and lust as well as the desire to stop the passage of time and become someone else, ‘living an electric dream’.

And I see it’ll be part of your upcoming debut album in June. How long have you been working on this collection of songs?

Our first shot at writing together was while we were still in Ultrasound, but as Twilight Muse, we got serious about writing in May of 2022. From there it was an all-on creative sprint – the songs just sort of poured out of us!

Is there a song on the album that was the most difficult to write/record for one reason or another?

“Dreamspace” was a bit of a challenge – but in the best way. We love working with producer Dan MacKenzie and we had a lot of fun getting that one right – particularly with some of the harmonies. We still laugh about that time together in L.A.!

What has been your favorite/the most rewarding part of making this album?

For me, it’s about having a creative outlet that is truly mine. Being a working mom & wife – you get pulled in lots of directions, it’s rare you ever truly get time for yourself. Luckily with the support of my family, I’m able to have this outlet and am grateful to share it with Andrew.

Twilight Muse

What messages or feelings do you try to convey in your music?

We write songs about love, life, and longing that are informed by real-life experiences like being in a long-term relationship and raising kids. We like to tell stories around those themes in the most honest way possible so the audience can really relate & connect. 

What does success as a musician and songwriter mean to you?

Music is such a huge part of my life – it’s so incredible to now be considered a songwriter. I mostly love writing and performing live –  it’s such an incredible way to connect with others.

What are some of your goals post album release?

First and foremost we want people to listen, enjoy, and share the music! And from there – play some more live shows and continue writing and evolving.

Photo by Nathaniel Johnston

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