Traditional Country Songstress Kimmi Bitter Releases Breezy New Video Single ‘My Grass Is Blue’

Cruising the country in a ‘95 Dodge camper van, San Diego singer-songwriter Kimmi Bitter is reaching beyond the realm of her West Coast roots and living a roving American dream.

A disciple of previous decades of music, Bitter’s style fuses traditional country and Americana vibes that hearken to eras gone by. Strongly influenced by the 1950s-1970s specifically (what songwriter isn’t?!), her music celebrates a more modest time before the onslaught of this modern generation. 

Her latest single, the island-breezy track “My Grass is Blue”, dropped July 7th along with a music video. In an Instagram post about the release, Bitter said she “wanted to capture an old timey 1960s country ballad in modern time.” With a vintage, almost tropical country feel, Bitter’s lyrics tell the story of “a bluegrass picker who leaves his Kentucky girl.”

Propelled by a strong honky-tonk twang, the single’s play on words mourns the vibrant grass that once flourished under the protection of love. Now that this love has been lost, the subject’s grass grows blue, enveloping sadness and the pang of loneliness- just like a classic country song. 

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Bitter caught our ear earlier this year with her high-energy barn burnin’ single, “Highway Hustler,” which dropped this February. With lyrics like, “I was born here with a ramblin’ soul” and “I do my living on the road,” the song seems to accurately portray her unquenchable thirst for adventure and travel in conjunction with her musical pursuits.  

While her nomadic lifestyle has its ups and downs, it is clear that Bitter wouldn’t have it any other way. Featured in many of her posts, Bitter’s lemon yellow camper van has an Instagram of its own. 

In that beloved van that is known as THEKRNL, Bitter is currently on tour through late October. In April of this year, she surpassed a year of road tripping with her guitar and cowgirl boots in tow. Playing shows across the Western United States, fans can find her at venues in California, Texas, Montana, and more this summer, and chances are, some new country bangers will emerge from this old school songstress along the way.

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