Brooklyn Alt-Rocker Moon Walker Releases Gritty Video Single ‘The Price of Life Itself’

Brooklyn alt-rock visionary Moon Walker brandishes an explosive sound and idiosyncratic vision that has led to the release of new music video and single, “The Price of Life Itself.” 

Formed in the height of the pandemic by songwriter Harry Springer as a way to pass the quarantine blues and sell some songs, the vision expanded into a full blown project influenced by the likes of legends like David Bowie, Talking Heads, and Led Zeppelin. Unable to part with these songs, Springer decided to become Moon Walker and released his debut EP, Truth to Power, with a sound consisting of an explosive fusion of glam rock, post punk, and even krautrock.

Difficult to pigeonhole, the charismatic music soon captured the hearts of his listeners, especially those with a knack for classic rock nostalgia. With success on Tik Tok and praise from The Darkness’s Justin Hawkins, Springer secured Moon Walker’s place as a promising new rock act.

His new single, “The Price of Life Itself,” touches on racial injustice and institutional failures within the foundations of American society. Written during the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, and after seeing an unfair police response to peaceful protest with his own eyes, the lyrics reflect the uneasiness and breaking facade of safety that many felt within our nation. 

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“Our country’s institutions are all so deeply broken and flawed, that not only do none of them actually accomplish what they set out to, they likely have the opposite effect,” said Springer.

The accompanying video, directed by Madison McConnell, is a fun 70’s-inspired showcase that captures the charismatic but potent stage personality of Moon Walker. In a funky cool house, wrapped in vines and filled with sensual mood lighting, we watch Moon Walker sing his song as he dances and twirls throughout. It’s enjoyable watching such passionate and glamorous rock as a vehicle for politically-charged lyrics and attitude. This call back to the 70’s rock era that Moon Walker is inspired from makes perfect sense given the cyclic nature of history and the issues that have arisen politically as of late.

Moon Walker’s sophomore album, The Attack Of Mirrors, will be out on October 21 this year.

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