Retro Rock N’ Roll Trio DeeOhGee Hit The Beach In Fun New Video Single ‘Lost At Sea’

With a down and dirty rock and roll spirit, DeeOhGee shines with a spirited take on a retro sound that’s sure to get your blood pumping. 

The Nashville-based band, formerly known as Blackfoot Gypsies, is composed of Matthew Paige on guitar, Zack Murphy on bass, and Dylan Whitlow on drums. All share vocals, hence the beautiful harmonies present in their music.

The trio has garnered a loyal fanbase throughout the United States and Europe with their approach to “great American music.” Each of the three members brings their original songs and unique musical palate to the table. This includes playing a variety of unique instruments like harmonium and timpani to name a few. While it’s often standard practice to seek the help of studio musicians in Nashville, this trio keeps everything in-house. Thus, creating a sound that is truly of their own volition.

Releasing their new video single, “Lost at Sea,” from their December album, New Way of Life, it’s clear that the band maintains the same entertaining retro approach to their visual aesthetic as well. With elements like a grainy film filter and their badass old school outfits, the video screams fun 70s rock, just like their sound. 

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Musically, the song immediately reels you in with a killer fuzzy guitar riff ripe with air-guitar-like qualities to the listener. It carries elements like the band’s notable powerful harmonies, and maintains guitar lines that rip through the track like a Miter saw. Naturally, the nautical theme is present, and the band is seen doing their thing at what looks like a SoCal marina and beach. The combined effort visually and musically gets the band’s message across loud and clear. “I’m looking for you / You’re looking for me / I’m looking for anybody / ‘Cause I’m lost out at sea.”

In a world and country where the future looks bleak, reflecting back is a comfort zone for many people, even if you weren’t alive just yet, which is why DeeOhGee’s vintage torch-bearing artistry feels so right. We all could use some care-free fun in our lives, and DeeOhGee’s “Lost At Sea” delivers that feeling at least in sound alone.

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