Indie Folk Quartet The Crescent Sky Maintains Hope On Cinematic New Single ‘Horizon Lines’

Having performed at the national and international levels as representatives for the indie folk music community, Canadian band The Crescent Sky has been serenading audiences with their organic sound for years.

Festivals like the Pigeon Lake Music Festival in Alberta and BreakoutWest’s Spotlight Showcase for Folk Alliance International have featured their serene acoustic style, and the group is further showcasing their talent in their new single, “Horizon Lines.”

Officially dropping today July 14th, “Horizon Lines” reflects the indie-folk band’s outlook on overcoming hardship and maintaining hope. With a hypnotic finger-picking line, delicate strings, and layered vocals, the group delivers a dreamy and inspirational vibe in their newest release. It harnesses cinematic qualities that are sure to resonate with the listener.

Of the earth lyricism like, “I am the wind caught up in the view again / Rushing all around me / I am in the clearing / I found my way out of here / I am above all things I fear,” distinguishes this folk song as a raw, meditative experience of the imagination. Their rich harmonies and the climactic instrumentation express the tension and release that comes with surmounting adversity.

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The British Columbia group is composed of two creative couples: Anna and Regan Luth, and Anna and Jason Ratzlaff. Each member is extensively musically gifted, as Anna Luth specializes in guitar and percussion, while Regan plays both the violin and mandolin. Anna Ratzlaff performs as a cellist and pianist. and her husband Jason is featured on guitar and the bass.

The quartet finds sonic and songwriting inspiration from groups like The Staves and Fleetwood Mac, and these influences hold a presence in many of their creations, including their 2020 album, Wonder.

With such a talent for songwriting and instrumentation accompanied by their foundation of love and friendship, more colorful and emotional musical experiences are certainly on the horizon for the band.

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