Charlie Day & Mary Elizabeth Ellis Star In Ben Abraham’s New Video Single ‘If I Didn’t Love You’

What starts out as a peaceful scene in the park with Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis admiring the benched guitar picker that is Ben Abraham soon ends in a comical bout of bloodshed.

The music video for the award-winning LA singer-songwriter’s new single, “If I Didn’t Love You,” which is directed by Jillian Bell (Workaholics, Fist Fight), is a fun juxtaposition between song and visuals.

On its own, the serene and delicate song tugs at the heartstrings, and brings about images of the ones you love or have loved. It glistens with sparse piano notes, acoustic guitar picking, and a gentle swell of violin. Abraham’s vocals are like a lullaby, and the song is like a big soft pillow.

And with the ever-entertaining music video, it’s a whole other beast.

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Day and Ellis – who are indeed married in real life – (and are of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fame if you’ve lived under a rock) soon find themselves being stalked by Abraham, though he maintains his guitar-wielding posture and thousand-yard stare while singing just about the whole time.

Day and Ellis enjoy their day (pun intended) in the park, and finally head back home to find Abraham in their house. After a failed 911 call, they hop in a closet to hide, only to turn on the light and see Abraham continue to calmly sing his song behind them. “What do you want from us?” Ellis asks the crooner. After a brief pause, he looks at Day and sings the chorus. “Dance. He wants us to dance,” Day says.

Cut to the living room, where Day and Ellis proceed to ballroom dance in fear, Abraham continuing his possessed-seeming singing. After a reluctant “you know what to do” glance, Day and Ellis proceed to beat the ever-loving hell out of Abraham. In a panic, the blood-soaked couple lets up and decides to go. As they reach the door, the tattered Abraham is there yet again.

In comedic climax, Day notices a QR code sticker on Abraham’s guitar, holds up his phone, and sees a faux Venmo platform – Paymoi – and tips the singer. He then calmly gets up, extends a gentle “thank you very much,” and walks out.

Abraham said of the video, “Working with Jillian Bell, Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis will go down as one of the best days of my life. Jillian had pitched two possible video ideas for this song, one was warm and romantic, and the other was this video. There was no contest as to which we should make.”

“If I Didn’t Love You” is lifted off Abraham’s acclaimed sophomore record, Friendly Fire, which was released in March of this year on Atlantic Records. He’ll be embarking on a US and UK headline tour later this month in support of the album, which includes stops at LA’s The Moroccan Lounge and a sold out NY show at Joe’s Pub, with a second night added by popular demand.

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