Modern Country Songwriter Antonio Larosa Releases New Tongue-In-Cheek Single ‘King Of That’

With a fresh take on modern country, British Columbia’s Antonio Larosa presents a witty and rock-charged single, “King of That,” which dropped today, July 15th.

The song tells the story of a man who spots a woman in a bar, and when they finally interact, he decides to be unapologetically honest with her about his flaws. Instead of this turning her off from him, she finds his upfront honesty that much more attractive and charming. 

The inspiration behind “King of That” essentially came from Larosa’s wife, and his acknowledging of his own flaws. She would point out mindless little household tasks and to-dos the songwriter would forget to do, and remind him “You’re the king of that!” After repeatedly hearing this, the light bulb came on, and the song came out.

Larosa turned to long time songwriting partners Nygel Asselin and Ryan Sullivan to hash out this idea of a different take on a country bar-style song. They infused the single with some tongue-in-cheek humor, and rich vocals to construct “King of That.” The song was mixed by Jeff Dalziel, produced by Asselin, and mastered by Randy Merrill.

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Larosa’s biggest influences include legends like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Chris Stapleton and The Eagles to name a few. Some of his notable accolades include having his single “Hard Days” surpass 200k streams, and being featured on Sirius XM’s notable playlist CBC Country. Recently, he has shared festival bills with artists such as Brothers Osborne, Maren Morris, and Allen Stone.

With an entire album of new music expected to come to life later this year, Larosa looks forward to showing what he’s been ambitiously working on. You can catch him on tour over the summer in multiple locations throughout Canada.

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