Toronto Folk Singer-Songwriter Julie Title Drops Newest Single ‘A Wreath To Lay’

In her newest single, “A Wreath to Lay,” Toronto-based folk artist Julie Title delivers serenity and sweetness in a package donned in florals and fringe.

With lyrics powerful in their simplicity– and written completely by the Canadian songstress herself– “A Wreath to Lay” is the musical representation of the rocky relationship between a person and the way the world impacts their well-being. Written as if it were an ancient folktale, “A Wreath to Lay” is comprised mostly of metaphor. It’s lucid and poetic:

“I was born/The wind and rain/I was told/My father’s pain/Heavy rows/Of seeds to wait/For the night/To love the day…”

If we’re specifically talking about the song’s imagery, “A Wreath to Lay” is quite the cowgirl-love-interest origin story. Especially in the refrain: “Say the words/To light the way/Make my heart/A wreath to lay…”

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And when those words are sung by a voice so warm and pretty, it’s not hard to listen and feel that sweet pain that comes with falling in love even when you may not feel like you deserve it.

“A Wreath to Lay” is the second of two new singles following her 2019 EP, Green. The stripped-down EP pairs hand-and-hand as the folk foundation to Title’s exploration down an Americana avenue. Both singles, “Tornado,” and then “A Wreath to Lay,”– which may or may not be part of a future project– showcase a side to her songwriting that’s open-ended and timeless.

On Title’s TikTok page, you can see exactly where she draws inspiration from. Alongside her single-minute-long skits and pop culture parodies, she also posts covers of songs by artists such as John Prine, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. Inventive in her harmonies and arrangements, she has the innate ability to be both traditional and out-of-the-box.

Beyond her influences, though, “A Wreath to Lay” says everything that needs to be said in times of personal hardship. Just like in the love song, if you strip away all the messy highs and lows of any given relationship, there is something so universally human about just wanting to feel loved.

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