Harleys And Highways: Gritty Honky Tonk Songwriter Dallas Moore Releases Newest Heavy Hitting Single ‘The Rain’

Adding a gritty twist to classic country music, Dallas Moore is an authentic lyricist who not only contributes to the genres known as “alternative country” or “outlaw country”, but also lives in the state of mind.

The playful storytelling and mixtures of blues and rock interestingly come to him while on his Harley Davidson Road King or while cutting grass. During quarantine, Moore found himself having more time to do those things which sparked creativity once again. After years of constant touring and a recent album release in 2019, 2020 brought much needed downtime to write songs, which hadn’t happened in a few years. 

The upcoming album set to release April 9th, The Rain, was tracked within two days in Nashville’s OmniSound Studios, with Dean Miller (son of Roger Miller) producing as he has done before for Moore. The album takes on a live sound that captures the energy in the room, something Moore has been wanting for a long time. He took the punches that 2020 gave and rolled them into something greater than himself, with the title track having already been released. 

The Rain” is a country rock ‘n’ roll anthem for fighting to get back up out of the water, and chase after your dreams.

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It tackles the thoughts of who you want to be and where you want to go, while overcoming the struggles along the way. There is something about the power of music captured by the verse, “And I swear that high black water saved my soul”. The chorus then pulsates with, “And live that life we live out in our dreams/Maybe we can take our turn/In the bright city lights without gettin’ burned”. Nashville dreams sure seem to fall along that path. His raspy vocals and powerful guitar sections create the ideal honky tonk atmosphere to hit the town and dance to, something country lovers can’t get enough of. 

In his nearly 30-year career, Missing Piece shares that he has shared the stages with inspirations such as Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, David Allen Coe, The Marshall Tucker Band, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Moore’s debut album, Dark Horse Rider, first entered the world in 1998 when he was fresh on the scene. “Bottle and a Bible” is the single that reflects the heart and soul of country music for eras prior, and for the ones to come.

Untold Stories followed in 2000 with Tales from a Road King eight years later. 2009 saw the release of Can’t Tame a Wildcat with “Outlaw Country” fittingly sitting inside of it. Blessed Be the Bad Ones, Mr. Honky Tonk, and Tryin’ to Be a Blessing saw the daylight soon after, further expanding his growing catalogue, all holding a consistent theme of twangy, gutsy country-Americana songs.

With years of hard-earned road experience under his belt, Moore has lived the life of such a songwriter- and he sure knows how to get an audience groovin’.

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