Los Angeles Lo-Fi Bedroom Pop Songwriter Eve Adams Releases New Album ‘Metal Bird’

California songstress Eve Adams released her third studio album, Metal Bird, into the world last Thursday. 

The 10-track record is the darkly alluring sister to albums In Hell (2017) and Candy Colored Doom, released just last year. In just a year, Adams’ sound was feminine and cool before taking an enticing, thought-provoking twist.

With a sound that pulls from classic jazz and is somewhat reminiscent of Lana Del Ray, Metal Bird is an entirely cohesive story from start to finish.

The album opens with the song, “Blues Look the Same.” Starting the record off with nothing more than staccato bass, the mystery and low vocal lure you in slowly but surely. A melancholy reflection onto mutual sadness, the premise of “Blues Look the Same” is unforgettable.

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Another standout is “You’re Not Wrong,” which is a song that makes you want to find someone to slow dance with. Every time Adams’ sweet voice sings: “I sit waiting for the sun to fall from the sky,” it’s like you can feel the tireless passion she’s writing about.

Deeper into Metal Bird, she stuns with “Woman on Your Mind,” a song that puts forth so much mystery in its story and sinister steady chord progression. From the sax to the keys jangling in the background, “Woman on Your Mind” sends shivers down your spine. And “Prisoner” is a mellow, eclectic musical experience. With a series of transitions and musical introductions, it feels like you’re being sent through different passageways. 

All and all, Metal Bird is a solid collection of mature songs about the human range of emotions. An album so cohesive yet so colorful, Adams gives you all shades of blue in Metal Bird. And if you’re looking for the soundtrack to your next midnight drive, then Adams is a name to keep in mind — or on your playlist.

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