Retro Country & Americana Duo Catfish Seminar Release Upbeat New Single ‘The Fort’

If you are a music guru looking for that new yet familiar sound, then Americana duo Catfish Seminar is the group for you.

From their modern take on classic folk music and retro country, to their whimsical instrumentation, Catfish Seminar offers a bright and refreshing sound, and it appears they’re just getting started.

The eclectic duo is composed of songstress, pianist and washboard player Andi Jane, as well as guitarist and harmonica player Craig Anderson, who both decided to make the big move from the Midwest to Music City to pursue their talents.

Their wide range of jazz, bluegrass, folk, and singer-songwriter roots mixed with Jane’s soulful melodies made Catfish Seminar an undeniable standout at Nashville’s own Americanafest held in September of last year. The duo creates an enticing musical spectacle due to their high-energy “variety show” style of performance, featuring an additional drummer, tuba player and full horn line.

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In their latest release, “The Fort”, the group cheerfully discusses how to navigate through the trials and tribulations of romantic relationships, and how to talk about these problems in a healthy way. The catchy and lighthearted melodic lines juxtaposed with Jane’s complex lyricism creates a beautiful musical backdrop to welcome in hard-to-discuss topics, such as healthy arguing and the ability to take some space in a relationship.

While we’ve all heard relationship advice from those close to us, Jane rolls her eyes at tradition and welcomes all of the emotions that come from being in love, and writes about how she wishes to “hold down the fort” for her partner.

“We’ve all heard the old relationship advice, ‘don’t go to bed angry.’ Well I disagree!” says Jane. “Sometimes your emotions get the best of you, and the best thing you can do is walk away, take a breather, maybe even sleep on it, and come back with a clear head.”

The track was written by Jane, produced by the duo along with Charles Holloman, and recorded at East Avalon Recorders in the magical musical atmosphere of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

The single – as well as their colorful yet destructive feel-good music video – have been available on all streaming platforms since December 3rd, 2021.

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