Amsterdam Folk Songwriter Paul Bond Releases Debut Album ‘Sunset Blues’

Pulling from folk, Americana, and indie rock soundscapes, Amsterdam songwriter Paul Bond shares his unique sound on his debut album, Sunset Blues.

Having dropped November 18th, the 7-track record was mastered by Ed Brooks (Fleet Foxes, Pearl Jam, Death Cab for Cutie), and offers an array of sonically appealing elements. Most notably throughout the album are Bond’s melodic structures and clever lyrics, but one of the most endearing aspects is the instrumentation.

The title track is a great example of this, with its bright, upbeat tempo showcasing Bond’s skilled guitar playing. He creates melodic layers that add depth throughout. “Same Song, Different Groove”, another song that caught my ear, throws a monkey wrench into the mix, as it’s surprisingly funky with even dare I say Beatles-esque piano and bass parts.

Bond honed his musical chops with his band, Dandelion, which received critical acclaim for their fun mix of country and funk music. Whether it’s with Dandelion or solo, his music is loaded with various emotions and stellar production value. With his English Literary MA, he displays his knowledge and understanding of writing, which is apparent in his clever, semi-psychedelic lyrics.

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“Season of the Acorn”, another album standout, has a very magnetic rootsy sound with some notable chord changes throughout. The melody reels in the listener from the get go, and offers another particularly enjoyable taste of his well-thought out lyrics.

The last track on the album, “Goodbye, My Love,” is one of the best on the whole album, tying the collection up with a bow. It has an enticing atmosphere with instrumental flourishes that add to the somber sentiment of the song. 

Sunset Blues is a great introduction to those unfamiliar with the sonic scope of Paul Bond, and is available on most streaming platforms, and of course, beloved physical copies.

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