Liverpool Garage Rockers The Heavy North Release Hard Hitting New Single In ‘Satisfy You’

Since The British Invasion of the 60s, artists from the UK have been creating high energy rock n’ roll that captivates audiences and wows critics, and The Heavy North are doing their part to continue that legacy in the 21st Century.

Hailing from Liverpool, England, the five-piece garage rockers established themselves in 2018, and consist of members Kenny Stuart (vocals and guitar), Jose Ibanez (vocals, guitar, producer), Mark Rice (drums), Andrew Horrocks (bass), and Ste Penn (keyboards). The group was born from the ashes of Stuart and Ibanez’s last group, Jacobi. Beginning as a three piece with Penn, the band later brought on Rice and Penn to fill out their bold new sound. 

It’s clear from the jump that The Heavy North draw inspiration from past British Invasion rock groups like The Who and The Rolling Stones among others. But they also have a deep-rooted affinity for more current American blues rock groups like The White Stripes and Black Keys to help give their sound even more of a modern edge. The band has released eleven singles since 2018, and their explosive new single, “Satisfy You”, dropped within the first hours of 2022. 

“Satisfy You” takes the traditional garage-rock sound and cranks up the overdrive, while adding a level of clarity, mainly in the drum and vocal production. This song reminds me of 2000s rock group Wolfmother in the way each instrument comes slamming in at the start and never lets up. It’s fiery and furious in a fantastic way.

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Rice and Horrocks’ groovy drums and bass provide a solid foundation for Stuart and Ibanez’s inspiring guitar playing and singing. All of this is balanced by the serene organ playing from Penn that could fit snugly onto a gospel inspired Bob Dylan track. The song breaks towards the end to finish off the song with a ground shaking chorus, with Stuart’s snarling refrain, “I’m not here / To satisfy you.”

All of these elements make for another fantastic release in a long line of hits from The Heavy North. The hype around this band is palpable, and I know I’ll be keeping an eye out for more head-banging material from this group.

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