A Look At Australian Indie Pop Rocker Lorenzo La Cava & His Single ‘One In A Million’

From across the globe comes a modern yet familiar sound that blends the stylings of acts like Jimmy Eat World, Bruno Mars, and Good Charlotte to name a few.

Indie pop songwriter Lorenzo La Cava produces catchy, upbeat tracks, and one of his latest singles, “One in a Million” perfectly encapsulates the Australian one-man-band.

La Cava goes by the artist name LLC for his music endeavors, which include songwriting, producing, and releasing his own music. He is very much the definition of an indie artist.

The Australian artist has been a fixture in the music business prior to putting his talents toward creating his own music, as he worked in marketing, promoting anything from live shows to charity events. Along with his time spent as a guerrilla marketer for major PR firms, LLC also found time to be a music teacher.

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He taught young kids all about music on a bus, similar to a certain cartoon many of us grew up watching. Except his bus is called The Music Bus. He shared his love for his time as a teacher on The Music Bus, saying, “Being able to express my silly sense of humour through musical knowledge & experiences with young kids reminds me & reiterates the reasons why I continue to persevere in a career that’s quite ‘touch n go.”

His new single, “One in a Million”, which was released October 15th, offers a bright, feel-good energy not only in the lyrics, but in the lush instrumentation as well. The lyrics display a deeply positive message to the listener- one that everyone deserves to hear right now. In the midst of what seems to be a string of hard years, LLC sings about persevering, being strong, and being one of a kind. The whole package is delivered in a nostalgic way, calling on the pop-rock melodies of the early 2000s. 

Along with “One in a Million,” you can find a mix of fun covers like “Stacy’s Mom” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love” along with more LLC originals on all music streaming services.

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