Haunting Indie Folk Songstress Hannah Wyatt Releases New EP ‘Iron Line’

Getting her start in Upstate New York, emerging indie folk artist Hannah Wyatt started playing classical violin growing up, but soon drifted towards writing and performing her own songs.

Wyatt writes, records, and produces all of her music, giving her complete control of the sound she’s trying to develop. Her sound hearkens to something gloomy and melancholic, yet she stays relatable and swoons with her distinct and mesmerizing vocals.

Her sound centers around rootsy acoustic instrumentation, and gets straight to the emotion of the song. Her latest EP, Iron Line, dropped on New Year’s Day, and it was her single, “The Desperation Waltz,” that caught our ear. 

Wyatt’s voice is extremely unique, and has almost hypnotizing, lullaby-like qualities. Her quick, shaky vibrato displays urgency in this particular track. The lyrics tell a story of looking at people across the country who have been worn down by the world around them. The stories she tells are current, vivid, and dark.

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Her delicate guitar playing is also endearing, adding little flourishes to fill in space. “The Desperation Waltz” also has an airy atmosphere that really complements Wyatt’s singing. The heavy reverb on the violin solo makes the instrument sound like it’s a distant cry for help, trying to help all these desperate people.

Along with the rest of the 7-track EP, the singer-songwriter asserts herself as an inspiring new age folk singer, and she’s clearly started the year off strong. With an incredible voice and captivating lyrics, Hannah Wyatt certainly seems to have a bright future in the indie folk scene. Make sure to keep an eye out for her in the future.

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