Premiere: Mason Embers Announces Debut Album ‘The Astounding Descent’ & Shares Visualizer Video For His New Single ‘Trooper’

At just 17 years old, Atlanta’s Mason Embers stands out as one of the most impressive and talented genre-fusing artists in his age bracket. His output includes upbeat dream-pop, shoegaze inspired alternative and crushing hard rock, all wrapped in a modern sensibility that is as listenable and enjoyable as it is complex. His upcoming debut album, The Astounding Descent (July 28th), is an examination of his multitude of styles and sounds, and a deeply meaningful story about a soldier at war. 

“This record has a fragment of feeling that is applicable to anyone in any situation,” he says. “Whether or not you view it through the lens of a soldier, the base meaning of each song, which is its corresponding emotion, is still loud and clear,” says Embers.

The young singer-songwriter is on a mission: to influence his listeners to feel the range of human emotion. He blends a range of genres, and he writes reflective lyrics that showcase the aspects of our most common and basic thoughts and feelings. The talented up and comer sets a vivid picture of life through his unique and evolving sound.

Gravitating to music from a young age, Embers developed a natural ability to sing. He remained an interested listener, never planning to personally pursue music. However, after a sudden spark to learn and create, he picked up the guitar before he hit his teenage years. His progression was quick, and his songwriting ability was instantly recognized. Less than a week into lessons, he had written his first song.

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And now, he’s soon to release his debut concept album, The Astounding Descent. We’re thrilled to premiere the lyric video for Ember’s latest single from the album, “Trooper,” below – exclusively on Music Mecca! 





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