Premiere: Nashville Powerhouse Rock N’ Rollers Nicole Boggs & The Reel Return With Two New Singles ‘Cold Hard Truth’ & ‘Broken Hearted Rendezvous’

Almost one year after delivering their EP, None of Your Business, badass rock n’ rollers Nicole Boggs and The Reel are back- and they’re back with the vengeance. 

The Nashville-based trio should be a group of familiar faces by now – with each of their releases, we’ve had the chance to catch up with Boggs and chat about their music and the band. Composed of Nicole Boggs (lead singer), Alex Kramer (guitarist), and Sam Gyllenhaal (guitarist), the band harnesses a special synchronicity within their music. Brought together in Boggs’ nearly decade-long search for “home” in Nashville, the group has taken her original jazzy sound and twisted it into vulnerable yet blunt 70s-esque rock. 

Closer to a little family than a band, Boggs and the band write songs through the process of laughing, drinking coffee, and talking out emotions. A collaborative effort all around, the group is dedicated to using lyrics to tell the truth – no matter how messy – and their two new songs are no exception.

The pair of songs, which the band calls a “reclamation for the lonesome”, officially debut tomorrow, July 16th. Taking inspiration from Southern-rock sounds and the band’s vintage 70s vibe, both songs are undeniably magnetic and lyrically hard-hitting. 

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“Cold Hard Truth”  is a case in point; tough and gritty, the three-part harmony of the chorus channels the best of classic rock. Boggs’ smoky voice over the driving guitar riff creates a sound best described as Heart, but perhaps with a more Southern essence, and delivered with a more modern approach. “Straight up, hit me with the cold hard truth / Strong stuff, double shot of real bad news,” sings Boggs in the chorus, epitomizing the gut-wrenching feeling of a relationship falling apart before your eyes. 

On the flip side, “Broken Hearted Rendezvous” is a softer, more laid-back type of track. Seemingly, it tells the story of what comes after “Cold Hard Truth,” taking you straight into the aftermath of a rocky breakup. Haunted by the lingering habits and feelings established in the relationship, the song is a moment where Boggs crashes to earth in the realization that not everything is as good as it seems.

What makes this double release so exciting is how well-rounded it is; the two pieces complement each other, while giving us the whole story of a relationship crumbling into heartbreak. The hard and fast sound of “Cold Hard Truth” emphasizes the slow introspection of “Broken Hearted Rendezvous,” while the band’s signature rock sound and three part harmonies tie the songs together in a pristine sonic package.

In preparation for the upcoming release of the band’s sophomore LP this fall, these two songs were released from the vault, described as “straight-from-the-shoulder takes.” While not much is known about the follow-up to Scenes From Last Year, we do know that it was recorded in semi-secrecy during the pandemic – and that it’s safe to assume it will be fantastic. Thankfully, we have been primed for the release; “Cold Hearted Truth” and “Broken Hearted Rendezvous,” while not necessarily hype songs, do a great job hyping up whatever comes next from the band.

Since they do not have any official tour dates on the books – aside from occasional sets at The Sutler – we’ll all just have to wait patiently to hear more from Nicole Boggs and The Reel.

Photo by Alexandra Arielle

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