Fresh On The Scene: R&B Pop Artist Possible Impossible Releases Debut Single ‘Oxygen’

Patrick Wayne is best known for his work as a Video Game Director and Producer with over 200 Game of the Year awards. But with his new project Possible Impossible, he goes back to his first love: music.

In Wayne’s early adolescence, he found a passion for music through listening to 90s grunge and rock music. From middle school all the way through college, he played in emo and punk bands honing his chops, but after college, he took a different path, and was absorbed into the video game industry. Nonetheless, Wayne vowed to return to music if ever given the chance.

The pandemic is what gave him that chance.

To form Possible Impossible, Wayne collaborated with LA-based producer Trent Park to create a pop sound featuring some more subtle garage rock elements. Together, they created an experimental collection of indie pop singles. “Oxygen,” Possible Impossible’s most recent release, is the first track from the collection. The production showcases a dark trap sound, and the lyrics represent Wayne’s pondering of what life would be like without his wife.

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The song starts with bells and pizzicato strings performing sneaky arpeggios and a high-pitched synth moving back and forth from ear to ear. Soon enough, Wayne’s vocals, presenting a gritty, pop-punk inspired style, come in with the minimal instrumentation of the first verse. Their production makes them sound wide and surround the ears of the listener.

After a single ding from a triangle, the chorus comes in hard with the return of the drum beat as well as the addition of dark, romantic strings. The third chorus features the inclusion of an atmospheric, tribal vocal from Wayne in the background. The track finishes with a spacey outro that highlights the strings and background vocals.

In addition to the song, Possible Impossible posted an accompanying music video for “Oxygen.” The video displays a sci-fi sort of set with intermittent scenes emphasizing the theme of Wayne drowning and struggling to breathe underwater. It matches well with the world the song creates on its own.

Though Possible Impossible is new to the music scene, he effectively creates a unique sound with the combination of the modern drum track, romantic strings, and vocals reminiscent of the 90s grunge Wayne adores.

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