Contemporary Country Songstress Mary McGuiness Releases New Single ‘Gonna Feel It Again’

A broken heart can be restored and broken souls can be reborn,” sings country artist and old soul Mary McGuinness in her new single, “Gonna Feel It Again.” She sings this all the while putting the listener deep in their feels with her powerful vocals,and is what she succeeds in while highlighting her style of lucid folk, rustic country, and Americana styles. 

Born in Fort Hood, TX, to an Irish-Scottish Green Beret father and Korean mother, McGuinness spent lots of time in both Korea and Texas, while growing up with her grandparents in Long Island, NY. In high school, her music teacher saw potential in her, so she took her under her wing and encouraged her to pursue music. Continuing her studies in college, she majored in classical voice at Manhattan School of Music, and put herself through by waitressing, doing commercials, and even a stint on Broadway. Now, she is proud to call Los Angeles her home, recording music with a close circle of friends living out her dream. 

Having been on the road supporting artists from Train to Kenny Wayne Shepherd, she found herself sticking to the country and folk that she knows and loves best. In 2020, she recorded her debut album, Prodigal, shining a light on some of her biggest influences such as The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Willie Nelson, Karen Carpenter, and The Beatles to name a few. 

2020 was obviously a difficult year for most, however, McGuinness found herself recording like never before. Not only did she complete her first album, but she also produced covers of artists such as Kenny Rogers and rock band Bread. Sharing Texas roots with Kenny Rogers, her cover of “The Gambler,” just so happened to be released at the time of his passing, adding an additional sentimental aura to the song. 

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In her latest single, McGuinness showcases multiple instruments such as piano, pedal steel, acoustic guitar and more while delivering smooth vocals throughout the song drawing you into her story. She says, “‘Gonna Feel It Again’ is what I told myself during the lockdown… I just kept reminding myself, life is a cycle. Sometimes you have to push through the dark times to get to the light on the other side. The good times always come back around.” This is precisely what she shows in this single.

It is emotional yet encouraging and I found myself appreciating the song even more after knowing her inspiration. Recording this song back in March, McGuinness says it was quite emotional seeing her team in the studio after so long. It goes to show that even the simple small things are a great deal of joyous occasions. 

As McGuinness said, time has certainly come back around and she is gleaming in her artistry. Everything from her polished vocals to her rustic style to genuine lyric writing, you know without a doubt who she is. Nowadays, it is sometimes hard to find down-to-earth artists, but that’s exactly what McGuinness gives and plans to do with upcoming releases.

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