Passion Fruit Boys Reminisce On What Could Have Been In Playful New Video Single ‘Sex Swing’ Ft. Liz Cooper

Passion Fruit Boy’s newest video single, “Sex Swing” – featuring Liz Cooper – effortlessly encapsulates the sweet nostalgic feeling of a blasè summer’s eve party coupled with melodically entrancing indie-pop instrumentation.

The fun new track is the epitome of a lively feel-good single. Its carefree melody and catchy vocals immediately strike a chord, and you’d be hard-pressed not to slip out of your seat and dance around the living room with a glass of something fun.

However, despite the upbeat tune, the song holds an underlying melancholic feeling of nostalgia within its vocals, as lead singer Conor Belcher describes seeing an ex-lover at a party and reminiscing about what could have been- especially in the bedroom.

The video itself, directed by Luke Harvey from Mossflower Pictures, opens with Belcher and additional PFB Duncan Shea riding up to a casual summer shindig on a motorcycle, which is very much them. The camera then follows the PFB into the all-too familiar scene of a party with all the same old characters and BS.

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Photo by Angelina Castillo

The shot soon focuses in on Belcher as he spots his ex-lover, played by Liz Cooper. Before long, Belcher follows Cooper into a closet, where she pulls him onto a theater stage with the two then playfully singing and dancing together to the final lighthearted lyrics, Shea soon joining them playing guitar.

This exciting yet relatively new duo describes themselves as “a two person motorcycle club who believe in the ambitious spirit of pop music.” Their endearing playful nature invokes feelings of good times, chill hangs, and lighthearted fun, as depicted in the video.

Belcher and Shea originally befriended each other in Ithaca, New York, and the pair would both ship south to Nashville over a decade ago, each pursuing their own musical projects. Over recent years, the two put more and more time into what we now know as Passion Fruit Boys. The two released their debut single, “Easy,” in March, and have since put out four more singles including the new track, “Sex Swing.” They are gearing up to release their debut album via Telefono Records on October 7th. 

Passion Fruit Boys have their album release show scheduled for October 26th at The East Room, and you won’t want to miss it. It’s always a (quality) party when these boys hit the stage.

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