A Look At Canadian Pop-Rockers Arkells Video Single ‘Teenage Tears’ & New Album ‘Blink Twice’

Earlier this month, popular emo-tinged pop-rockers Arkells released their latest single and music video for “Teenage Tears,” which featured fellow Canadian indie pop powerhouses Tegan and Sara. And on September 23rd, the band followed it up with the release of their anticipated eight studio album, Blink Twice. It comes out roughly a year after their last album, Blink Once, which together act as companion albums. (naturally)

The final single before the album release, “Teenage Tears” offers a nostalgic glance to the golden age of emo pop-rock of the early 2000s, but more on the softer tender side. The video appears to be shot in an abandoned mall, further adding to the nostalgia of shopping for Vans at Zumiez or maybe snagging a band tee at Hot Topic. It depicts a lonesome Max Kerman (lead vocals, guitar) reflecting on youthful heartache and the what-could-have-beens.

The song tackles the complications of having a relationship in your early formative years. Kerman sings about the pain he feels thinking about how a partner might think his love was perhaps in vain. The song can be interpreted as one that asks, “what if?” when ten years have already passed, and you still think about these past transgressions.

“Yeah I fucked it up / But babe I never faked it / Now you got me drowning in these teenage tears,” Kerman sings, winning over 16-year-olds far and wide.

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Tegan and Sara join in on the second verse, and add to the thick melancholic feelings about mistakes from the past. One of the lyrics that captures the song’s essence is, “Now we’re changing our passwords, changing addresses, changing.” It encapsulates a certain time, and is relatable to the audiences it seeks.

When asked about how the inspiration for the song came about, Kerman says, “There’s a particular kind of intense emotional pain that reminds me of high school. This song is about how occasionally you can still feel that kind of sadness as an adult.”

Blink Twice offers an array of pop-rock-induced feels throughout the 10-track collection, and features other notable collaborations with acts like Cold War Kids and Joel Plaskett.

The popular Canadian pop rock group gets their name from a street in Hamilton, Ontario, near where they used to practice and hone their craft. The quintet has developed a reputation as a force to be reckoned within live music, captivating crowds on a global scale. They recently played a show called ‘The Rally’ in their native province, which drew 25,000 fans – their largest headlining show to date. 

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