Highway Natives Show Sentimental Side On Country-Tinged New Single ‘Memories’

In true southern spirit, Highway Natives look to charm their audience with their latest country-fueled sentimental single, “Memories.”

Nashville’s local Americana-rock quintet has gifted their dedicated listeners this bonus track from their latest album, West of the Blindside, which was released earlier this year in June. The new single was released September 23rd.

Comprised of Brandon Moore (vocals, guitar), Jordan Miller (vocals, guitar), Matt Drummey (lead guitar), Artie Scarazzo (bass), and Arthur Stover (drums), the group can best be distinguished by their larger-than-life sound and artistic styling of country rock melded with grooving melodies. Inspired by vintage rock idols like The Allman Brothers and more “modern” acts like The Black Crowes, the band is rich in spiritous musical style and lyricism.

Through their journey together, the band has been able to lift each other up through personal changes and use their life experiences to create emotional, raw, and singable tunes. 

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The single itself is a mellower soulful piece about reflection and appreciation for the good times as life continuously changes. With a classic southern swing and delicate instrumentation, lead singers Moore and Miller used their symbiotic songwriting to tell a story of frequent nostalgia and well-wishing for a past love. The song is also creatively layered with intricate harmonies and occasional guitar licks to showcase their rockstar musical personalities.

The track is a fun bonus surprise to an already stellar album, to which Moore told us more about in an interview we did with them back in April.

“[West of the Blindside] is a collection of newer and older tunes that we’ve had in our arsenal for a while. However, all of the songs had came to their final form within the last year or so, after testing them live and honing in as a group, bringing our individual perspectives on the songs,” he said.

The album was recorded at Welcome to 1979 in West Nashville, and Moore went on to say, “We tracked the full record in about a week and a half, with the last day being like, ‘Well, is there anything else we can do? Nope? Shit, alright then.'”

Highway Natives will be performing these songs and more as they have some regional gigs lined up this fall, starting with a show at Hop Springs in Murfreesboro, TN, tomorrow September 30th. And maybe – just maybe – they’ll be working on some new songs for their eager fans.

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