Midwest Country Songwriter Tommy Goodroad Sings Of A Love Gone Cold On New Single ‘Fifty Degrees In September’

With a country twang fit for a Texas roadhouse, Tommy Goodroad lassos the ear with his newest single, “Fifty Degrees in September.”

A singer-songwriter from Minnesota and now based in Chicago, Goodroad uses his music as a commentary on the people and places of the Midwest, while maintaining a natural and gritty sound. His June 3rd single, “Fifty Degrees in September,” embodies this regional country feel in his nostalgic lyrics and resonating instrumentation.

Seasonal change and change of heart are paralleled in the new single’s chorus, with the lyrics, “’Cause it’s fifty degrees in September / Put the AC in the closet upstairs / I got nothing to do but remember.” As he reflects on the nuances of a relationship gone astray, he continues, “The love in her sway / The way that she’d say / ‘Smile cause spring’s in the air,’” further expressing the longing that love breeds.

Goodroad’s previous album, Swimming in the Clay, further establishes his folksy country style through the acoustic finger picking, upbeat strings, and impressive vocal range that accompanies his songs like “Lillian” and “If The Wind Picks Up”. With his Midwest-inspired music and cowboy charm, he possesses damn near all the qualities one could want from a modern country singer.

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Comparing the Midwestern atmosphere to relationships is one of Goodroad’s lyrical strengths throughout his discography. He harnesses his knack for natural imagery in his latest single, putting a spin on the tragic tale of lost love.

While “Fifty Degrees in September” portrays the frigidity of a broken heart, Goodroad’s rich vocals and full band presence creates a warm sound that is reminiscent of a summer afternoon. You’ll most certainly never grow cold to his new single while on long drives down country roads, or just kicking back on a lazy day.

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