Mike Thomas Longs For Three Chords & The Truth On Hard-Driving New Single ‘A Song Like That’

Featured on the deluxe edition of his debut album Three Reasons, Mike Thomas’ new electric guitar-driven single, “A Song Like That,” hits the sweet spot for southern rock lovers far and wide.

Achieving this sound was made possible with classic rock legend Dan Baird of Georgia Satellites, who delivers all the feels on lead guitar in the single.

“A Song Like That” shows off what makes Thomas such a unique country artist. In its simplest form, the track is about longing to hear a song that moves you. That really moves you. He reflects on the decades before us – decades like the 60s and 70s that many deem the golden age of music – and yearns for the power and resonance of songs from that era.

It revolves around wanting to turn on the radio to hear a song that brings a sense of familiarity and comfort, like calling an old friend, or visiting your old favorite place. Thomas reflects on the past, and makes it a focal point of his music, paying homage in a new and modern way. 

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Raised in East Tennessee, Thomas started performing in clubs throughout the 90s and 00s, honing his chops one dive at a time. Once he started getting comfortable in the Knoxville scene, he decided to take a leap of faith, and moved to Nashville in 2004 to pursue his songwriting career. However, he took a break to start a family, but this would not keep him away for good. He formed his band in 2017, and the group has been at it ever since.

“A Song Like That” gives us exactly what Thomas hearkens for; a song that takes you back, a song that feels like home, and one you can sing along to at any given time.

Note* Paul Howard contributed to this article.

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