From Hip-Hop Royalty To Rising Country Pop Act: O.N.E The Duo Releases New Single ‘Stuck in the Middle’

The pop country scene is hotter than the staggering Nashville heat right now, and one mother-daughter duo has arrived to serve up something new to fans of the ever-evolving genre. 

O.N.E the Duo is composed of mother Tekitha and daughter Prana Supreme, who are anything but new to the industry. Tekitha can be heard as the female lead vocalist on Wu-Tang Clan tracks, and Prana is the daughter of the legendary RZA. The duo moved to Nashville to begin writing their own music together, and recently released “Stuck in the Middle” on June 17th.

The meaning behind the name shows the qualities of the strong female faces of the group. The acronym O.N.E stands for Observant, Noetic, and Effervescent. Their effervescence has no end— hence the lack of punctuation after the “E.” 

A classic summer anthem was what came to mind upon first listening to “Stuck in the Middle.”

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The song perfectly combines the past and present of the mother-daughter duo: a classic country fiddle and pedal steel give that country twang, while the deep bass and hand claps allude to their hip-hop background. The song – co-written by songwriters Nash Overstreet and Shane Stevens – has a strong voice and tells the story that anyone who’s been in an “it’s complicated” relationship can empathize with. Not only is the writing strong, the harmonies blend impeccably and have a resounding impact. The tag line, “I don’t wanna be stuck in the middle” is exactly how the pair feels about their music. They aim to be all in. 

The team took on CMA fest earlier this month, and will be opening for the Fisk Jubilee Singers and Allison Russell at the Ryman Auditorium on June 28th. With the rise of African-American voices in country music, the landscape continues to evolve, and rightfully so. A rising name in the pop-country scene, O.N.E the Duo is one group to keep an eye on. 

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