Karly C Tells It Like It Is In Country Pop Single ‘You Made Your Bed’

As a young woman in the dating scene, things can get rocky.

The heart-wrenching feeling of loving someone and them making you feel special just for them to choose another is something that Karly C portrays in her new single, “You Made Your Bed.”

This song features strong commercial production values that succeed in having Karly C’s soulful voice soar atop the slow groovin’ country instrumentation that has a guitar riff similar to that of “Tennessee Whiskey.”

The pop-country ballad feel of this lament hits deep, touching on themes of infidelity and finalizing your disinterest in a partner, with double-meaning lyrics like, “You made your bed / Now you can lie in it.” This clever chorus with a powerful delivery sticks with the listener with each play.

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“You Made Your Bed”

As a multi-faceted artist, Karly C writes, sings, and produces her own music, and with her distinct voice and lyricism, she continues to build her fanbase both regionally in New Jersey and nationally.

She has a number of songs in her arsenal that touch on a variety of themes, including her goofy kitschy pop track, “In Love With Amazon Prime,” which might’ve been her attempt to get some kind of sync deal/sponsorship. Last April, we covered the release of her single, “I Was Gonna Love You,” and since then, the hard-working artist has churned out several more singles.

As a triple threat in the music-making world, Karly C knows how to craft a contemporary pop-country earworm of a song, as evidenced in “You Made Your Bed.”

Note: Paul Howard contributed to this article.

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