Briston Maroney Announces Sophomore Album ‘Ultrapure’, Delivers New Video Single ‘Body’

Nashville-based indie pop powerhouse Briston Maroney has created a buzz for his upcoming sophomore album, Ultrapure, with the release of his lead video single, “Body,” which dropped May 16th.

“Body” is a celebration of life, inspiring the audience to enjoy our brief time in this world. With lyrics like, “And the only plan I’ve made / Is to love like I might never get to love someone again,” it harnesses the message of living in the moment, and like there is no tomorrow.

The music video for the track was conceptualized and co-directed by Maroney, along with his friend and visual collaborator Drew Bauml. The video shows Maroney in his physical form along with the animated version of his soul, evoking a sense of nostalgia. The visuals are said to “carry the emotion of a twenty-something discovering their own freedom for the first time.”

Ultrapure is set to be released on September 22nd, 2023, and was produced by two-time Grammy-winner Daniel Tashian and engineered by Konrad Snyder. The album is a testament to the artist’s versatility and inherent musical ability, as it features him playing every single instrument. It is said to be a “confident, cohesive and deeply personal” piece of work by the artist.

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“This album was my humble, unqualified, and earnest as hell attempt at sitting in those feelings until they had no choice but to burst out of my head,” he said, “These songs are about a type of pain I hate and love, but mostly have a deep appreciation for.”

He shares that his favorite moments are the types that he hasn’t realized have started until they end, and then feeling deeply about it after the fact. Those are the moments he refers to as the ‘Ultrapure’ moments.

Maroney also recently announced the news of his Second Annual Paradise Festival, which is set to return to Brooklyn Bowl Nashville this fall from October 12th-14th. He curated last year’s inaugural edition in its entirety, and was closed out every night with high-energy and celebratory headline sets.

The local indie big timer is known for combining catchy indie pop-rock melodies with earnest, heartfelt lyricism and an array of endearing guitar tones. He garnered acclaim at the end of the 2010s for a pair of his EPs before he made his full-length album debut in 2021 with Sunflower.

Maroney has also revealed plans for a headlining UK/EU tour, which will kick off in Brighton, UK, on Halloween, and will round it off in Cologne, Germany, on November 16, with stops in London, Paris, Amsterdam, and many more cities in between.

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