PREMIERE: Monica Lee Delivers Bilingual Folk Lullaby & Video For New Single ‘Coucou (Mr. Moon)’

Vancouver folk singer Monica Lee has officially dropped her first bilingual (French and English) single, “Coucou (Mr. Moon),” today, June 6th, as part of her new album You, Me and the Moon.

Accompanied by an animated music video, the track leans towards the sound of a child-like lullaby with calming melodies. The original melody was composed by Italian composer Giacomo Gotifredo Ferrari, who is renowned across the globe. Lee’s version was produced by Marc Atkinson.

The animated music video depicts a child with her mother walking in a forest, admiring the birds and the beauty of nature. It can also be shown to children as an educational video, as there is a visual element to everything she is saying in the song. The illustrations were created by Jenny Ritter and Cloudbeat Animation.

Children can also learn words in French and English through the video. This track serves as a bilingual learning guide for both preschool and adult audiences. Its calm and soothing folk-geared tone makes it perfect for listening to or watching it before bedtime. Her delicate lyricism shines through the track as it is narrated through the child’s perspective seeing a coucou bird and owl for the first time. 

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Monica Lee // Photo by Diane Smithers

Lee is a multidisciplinary artist based in Vancouver with over 20 years of experience on stage and as a songwriter. She’s been actively working with children and families since 2015 through her music company, Jump into Music. She also started teaching live on Facebook during the 2020 lockdown, and is now publishing these classes on YouTube.

Through her work and songwriting, she tries to embrace her connection with children. Her new album You, Me and the Moon explores the deep connection between parents and children, helping families all across the world to heal their inner child while also spending quality time with their kids.

Lee also performs her songs with a trio, The String Bees, who are known to “weave sounds of happiness.” They perform Lee’s original children’s songs and also a curated selection of songs from around the world from Jump into Music. Their music brings simple yet effective joy, inviting everyone around to dance, invoking a celebration all around us.  

Lee’s music is representative of innocence and unfiltered happiness captured from the children’s perspective, and the new video single, “Coucou (Mr. Moon),” is representative of that.

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