Indie Pop Rockers New Friends Channel Gaudy 80s Car Commercial Vibes In Music Video For ‘Ricochet’

When New Friends recorded their first song together, they were in fact just that: new friends.

Now, a few viral hits and over 5.5 million streams later, the fierce gang of four have practically become brothers.

The Canadian indie-pop rockers, composed of Cole Wilson (guitar), Stefan Boulineau (lead vocals), Conrad Galecki (bass, backing vocals, and drums), and Ayden Miller (keyboard), first met back in 2019 as college students in small town Canada.Their first ever recording, “Purple Candy”, became a viral hit, and the group quickly started to gain a following.

“Our superpower is that all four of us are different and our influences so different that going into a recording session, everyone’s coming into it with a completely different musical background. Our thing is to bring that nostalgia for bands we loved growing up into our sound,” says Galecki, citing such varied sources as Coldplay, Snow Patrol, The Fray, Arctic Monkeys, and COIN.

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In 2021, the foursome went on to win Slaight Music’s It’s Your Shot contest, accumulating a $100,000 studio and promotion prize. After this tremendous ego-boosting win, the band released their first album, The Pilot, in February of this year. 

Now, the group has recently dropped their hard-driving and anthemic new single, “Ricochet”, a catchy pop-rock banger about a toxic relationship that the singer keeps crawling back to. The track is their third single from their upcoming EP, Camaro.

This upbeat, high energy song is the perfect anthem for your next Friday night pregame: the chorus is catchy, the beat intoxicating, and Boulineau’s vocals are unforgettably powerful. “Ricochet” also has an accompanying music video, which features the band surrounded by flashy cars drinking, smoking, and dancing in black shirts and sunglasses, while the chorus rings out, “I would let you walk all over me / Be the one you call when you’re high and lonely.” It exudes the thrills and exhilarations of youth and young manhood.

Inspired by a vintage car commercial from the ‘80s, the band collaborated with their tour videographer Connor Scheffler on the music video, who also shot the video for their previous single, “Waste My Time.”

In just a few short years, New Friends has already made accomplishments many artists could only hope to make in a lifetime. With their rapid success and bright looking future, it seems New Friends just might be making plenty of new fans far and wide.

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