Jennifer Saran Releases Cozy Holiday Single ‘Songs Of Christmas… Come Dance With Me’

“Wait for hope, as time flies by” is Jennifer Saran’s message to listeners this holiday season. After time away from beloved family and friends, it is her hope that this Christmas may see loved ones reunited. 

Saran’s love of music was early influenced by the work of well-known and greatly beloved jazz artists – namely Ella Fitzgerald – a love which continues to shape her music today. After taking a break from music to pursue a business career in telecommunications, her husband’s tragic passing is what urged Saran back into the music world.

Eventually introduced to producer Narada Michael Walden, the two instantly clicked, spurring a valuable partnership that has since propelled her music career. With some experiments with various genres, Saran has most recently found herself in the contemporary jazz scene, where she feels most like herself.  

In 2016, she released her first full-length collaborative album with Narada, Walk With Me. Though this album was recorded first, it was Saran’s second release with Narada. Before that, the duo combined their shared passion for Christmas to create Merry Christmas, You Are Loved, which debuted in 2015. The festive album features renditions of some classic holiday tunes as well as some original songs, the most notable being, “Christmas Is Really My Thang.” 

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Inspired by Saran’s love of the Christmas season, her latest release, “Songs of Christmas… Come Dance With Me”, is another installment of her collaborations with Narada, as well as another holiday hit.

After a few tougher years of holidays spent apart, Saran is hopeful that many families and loved ones will be able to gather together more fully once again this year. This sentiment, paired with an upbeat jazz melody written by Narada, are what prompted the danceable nature of the single. Her rich vocals take you back to the days of warm Christmas classics, while the contemporary jazz instrumentals give the song a modern pop spin. 

Jennifer Saran

“We can’t forget the pain of life” is a recurring lyric, a nod to those who have lost loved ones and grieve their absence during the holidays. Evoking feelings of nostalgia for past Christmases, the music video opens with footage of cheerful decorations cut with scenes of people happily dancing with loved ones. Saran invites listeners to “Dream dreams of love / Come dance with me.” 

In the past couple years, music has provided a way for her to give perspective on political and social issues. Steadfast in her beliefs, Saran uses her music to express her truths, recognizing that not everyone is going to agree with her. The goal is not to judge those whose truths do not align, but to present her own truths in a way that speaks to listeners. 

With help from her new single, this Christmas, Saran’s message to listeners is: “Put the record on, fill out the dance card, and have some damn fun!”

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