How Not To Give A Damn: Bluegrass Songwriter Brett Fromson Releases Debut Album ‘Man of Conviction’

Americana and bluegrass singer-songwriter Brett Fromson showcases his creative versatility on his latest single “Pillowcase Blues,” and throughout his new record, Man of Conviction.

A Cleveland, Ohio, native, Fromson has since relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his career as a bluegrass artist. After moving to LA, he began playing shows throughout the area, eventually teaming up with the LA-based indie record label Slow Down Sounds. Fromson released a string of singles through the label throughout 2021, and finally released his debut full-length album, Man of Conviction, on September 3rd. 

Man of Conviction is packed to the brim with uptempo and uplifting bluegrass jams. But this isn’t just your usual, run-of-the-mill sound. Fromson effortlessly blends elements of traditional bluegrass with Americana, blues, and alt-country, making his unique sound both contemporary and accessible.  

Pillowcase Blues,” is the fifth track and one of many standout singles off of the album. While many other songs on the record lean toward a country sound, “Pillowcase Blues” embraces Fromson’s bluegrass roots. The single features blazing fast banjo-picking, swells of lush, reverb-soaked fiddles, and Fromson’s raspy and twangy vocals powerfully soaring through the mix. It’s a bonafide barn-burning jam that will surely incite boot tappin’ and hip shakin’. The song also showcases Fromson’s versatility as a singer-songwriter and his willingness to explore different genres. 

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How Not To Give a Damn,” the first single released from the album, sees Fromson exploring his alt-coutry side. Chorus-laden guitars swirl around the steady strumming of his electric guitar and his complex and dynamic melodies. This chill, laid-back tune is infectiously catchy, and could very well be a favorite for fans and new listeners alike. 

Be That Man,” the second single released from Man of Conviction, features tight, compressed guitars that beautifully bloom with twangy-seduction, hard-driving drums, and Fromson’s signature raspy vocals energetically commanding the mix. 

It’s rare to find an artist who’s willing to explore different styles and genres, especially within one album. Fromson, however, proves that it’s possible to do just that while also making a catchy and cohesive record.

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