Modern Country Rock Songwriter Bobby Watson Gets The Party Started With New Single ‘Get Down’

​​Seasoned Nashville songwriter Bobby Watson brings the heat on his big and bold new single, “Get Down.” 

Music has always been a part of this native Floridian’s life as he began singing at a young age, encouraged by his mother and father. In high school, he started singing and playing guitar for church worship services and local garage bands. Later, while studying engineering at Florida State in Tallahassee, he went back home and recorded several original songs in his family’s home studio. 

Unbeknownst to Watson, his mother had copied those songs onto CD’s and began sending them to various record labels in Nashville.

One of the labels liked what they heard, so Watson dropped out of school, packed his bags, and moved to a campground outside of Nashville. Although he had the opportunity to work with award-winning producer Kyle Lehning, who has worked with artists such as Randy Travis and George Jones, things didn’t pan out as quickly as Watson expected, leading him to question whether music was the right path.

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During the years that followed, Watson would travel the world, working various jobs in places such as The Republic of Panama, Australia, and London, obtaining a vast cultural perspective that would later inspire his songwriting.

“I wasn’t setting out to do everything I’ve done, but this is where the path took me,” Watson says. “I want to use that to my advantage. I’m taking the lessons I’ve learned and I am applying them to what I’m doing now. But I also know I need to be tenacious to make things happen.” His music is a reflection of his global playlist and lifelong passion for singing, and his songs showcase his considerable depth as a performer, while focusing on earnest lyrics and a soulful delivery.

After returning to Nashville to pursue his music career while earning his MBA at Vanderbilt University, Watson worked with producer Jason Kyle Saetveit and industry veteran Michael Campbell. The trio has since developed a bold and rich country sound inspired by soul, blues, and R&B.

Watson’s new single, “Get Down,” is a wildly fun and catchy country rock banger that showcases Watson’s rich and soulful voice. With Watson’s twangy and powerful vocals, raunchy riffs from a searing electric guitar, big thumping drums, and lush organs, this soulful single is dripping with attitude and swagger. The gritty production effectively captures Watson’s passion and character, which sets this dynamic singer-songwriter country rocker apart from the legions of other country artists in Nashville. 

“Get Down” is yet another exciting addition to the ever-growing catalog from this talented and promising country artist.

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