First Look: Jazz-Fusion Songwriter Davey Squires Invokes Sense Of Humor In Timely New Single ‘Agree 2 Disagree’

Akron, Ohio based singer-songwriter Davey Squires uses humor to tackle big issues in his upcoming single “Agree 2 Disagree,” which drops this Friday, October 1st.

During this past decade, and specifically over the past several years, we have all witnessed just how divisive the social and political climate in America has become. The many political, ideological, and socio-economic differences that have emerged in the U.S., especially during the pandemic, have made it so that even simply talking about certain issues is a sure-fire way to spark bitter yelling matches, even amongst family and friends.

In “Agree 2 Disagree,” Squires casts a humorous light on this divisiveness that has gripped much of the U.S. He realizes that in order for us to attain any semblance of peace and order, we might just have to, as the song title suggests, agree to disagree. 

This satirical, jazz-inspired tune is dripping with wit and humor. Squires’ jovial piano playing dances around his whimsical vocals and endearing demeanor. With big and hearty piano chords and smooth saxophone licks thoughtfully sprinkled throughout the mix, the tune sounds as if Billy Joel had a sense of humor and wanted to write songs about current affairs. 

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Though it does state political and social topics, he purposely doesn’t sway the listener to believe one side or the other.

“Agree 2 Disagree” was recorded at RealGrey Records in Canton, OH, recorded by Squires’ main man, Ron Flack, who he has done drum recordings with before at the studio. Squires was “super excited” to use his Otari MTR 90 MKII Tape Machine during the mixing process, which he had just brought to the studio this past year. It was recorded from January – August 2021.

For Squires, music has always been a central part of his life. He started playing drums and percussion at age 11, and has played in various bands and choirs for over a decade, honing in on his chops. In 2018, he decided to pursue his solo act in which he writes, plays, and produces all of his own material. He has used his solo act as a vehicle to both explore and blend a plethora of different genres including jazz, swing, rock, blues, classical and even the occasional reggae tune, and has played shows and entertained audiences across the Midwest and northeast. 

Squires possesses an undeniably endearing campiness and humor that is sure to draw in listeners and bring a smile to their face, and “Agree 2 Disagree” is no different.

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