Globetrotting Americana & Bluegrass Songwriter David Jameson Releases Breezy New Single ‘Gone Like The Wind’

When critics say David Jameson is a world renowned singer-songwriter, they mean it.

The bluegrass and Americana songwriter has traveled around the world for the majority of his life; from making a living playing music in bars in Beijing, to living in the alpines of South America, Jameson shares a similar bond to that of Johnny Cash in that he’s “been everywhere man.”

In his music, Jameson tells his life story through his nostalgic view of family traditions, tales of his travels, and lessons learned.

Jameson’s worldwide notoriety began after he moved to Beijing and began singing in Mandarin. The songwriter entered himself into a national singing competition, scored a second place finish, and established something of a cult following in Beijing. By all means let us know who else has accomplished such a feat.

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Shortly after, Jameson would pack up and take another trip around the globe, this time through Latin America and Europe- and he never went anywhere without his trusty six-string. While exploring, he became drawn to the country music he grew up listening to, and would return to Texas to dive into the local music scene. Thank God for planes, trains, and automobiles.

In his newest single, “Gone like the Wind”, Jameson creates a beautifully nostalgic bluegrass track that tells the story of lost love, missing home, and chasing dreams.

His storyteller voice is a perfect accompaniment to the old country Americana instrumentation in this track. Lines like, “Your heart is hard like these northern winters / Lately, I’m chilled to the bone / I miss the warm sunshine of River City / So honey, that’s where I’m gonna go,” showcase the soul and sentiment of the song. With strong lyricism and well-produced music, “Gone like the Wind” is indeed a standout bluegrass track of the year thus far from this well-versed artist.

“Gone like the Wind” was released on January 6th, and is currently on all streaming platforms. Jameson’s newest LP, Tall Dark Pines, is set to release January 27th.

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