Get To Know: Australian Synth Pop Songwriter Aria Wood Releases New Single ‘man child’

Emerging Australian indie-pop songstress Aria Wood has officially released her dreamy new single, “man child.”

Wood, based in Sydney, Australia, is paving a new path for herself and hoping to bring attention to the indie pop music scene coming out of her native country. She claims she “feels like the only pop artist in the country because everyone here loves indie rock.”

Since debuting her first single, “Two Minute Noodles”, which received over 600,000 streams on Spotify and was added to their widely-followed “Fresh Finds” playlist, Wood has been experimenting with her sound, thus coming up with the new ethereal track, “man child”. The new single, she says, was written and produced in just a day and a half. 

Though “man child” encapsulates a different feel from her bedroom-pop debut single, The Emerald City resident says she still aimed to keep it “dancey” and add an element that sounds similar to a band. She is always experimenting with beats and synths, which is how “man child” came to life. 

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“And you’re a disappointment / It shows / The coffee table corner exposed / Little child / So rude,” she sings, presumably an ode to a love interest with little respect and maturity. One can undoubtedly envision this track at a dance club with it’s vintage synth sounds and magnetic groove with Wood’s soaring vocals atop.

Aria Wood is only getting started, and the sky’s the limit for this young and hungry indie pop artist. “man child” is available to stream on most major platforms.

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