Retro Soul & Country Singer-Songwriter Andy Kahrs Releases Feel-Good Track ‘Everybody’s In Town’

Blending genres is not necessarily an easy or natural undertaking.

A little too much or too little spice from each genre you’re trying to brew into one cohesive sound can throw off the delicate balance. Classic genres can be especially tricky to nail down, as they run through the heart of many people’s upbringing, leaving big shoes to fill. One artist that comes to mind who intricately melds various genres is Nashville songwriter Andy Kahrs.

Kahrs grew up near Atlanta, Georgia, which played an important role in his music.​ Southern acts like The Allman Brothers and Randy Travis are in his musical DNA, along with classic soul singers like Otis Redding.

Kahrs’ father, a singer-songwriter himself, showed him how to play his first chords, which naturally fueled and jump-started his passion for the craft. After playing in blues bars across the southeast, he shipped west to San Francisco to further his musical endeavors. He sharpened his performing chops to a laser focus during this time. The experience gave him the confidence he needed to move to Music City and really start making a name for himself. 

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As soon as he touched down in Tennessee in 2018, he started work on his debut album. Inside A Song would be released in July of 2019. Since then, he has released four more singles and another EP. His newest single, “Everybody’s in Town,” was released to the world mere days ago on January 14th, 2022.

The new track displays Kahrs impressive vocal prowess, and it sits perfectly with the sparkly country/soul instrumentation. It’s easy to get all the Sam Cooke-type feels with this one. The lyrics are warm and relatable, with Kahrs singing about close friends coming back to their hometown and celebrating. Lines like, “Laughing so deep that I can’t keep these tears in my eyes,” easily resonate with everybody who’s shared joyous moments with friends and loved ones alike. These are arguably the most precious moments of our lives, and Kahrs creates a nostalgic and heartfelt sonic ode to them. All of it delivered in a slight country twang full of soul wraps up the song like a gift.

Kahrs has a most unique sound that stands out from the usual Nashville suspects, and “Everybody’s In Town” is indicative of this.

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