Emily Kidd Offers Honky Tonk-Laced Life Lessons In New Single ‘Cry Wolf’

Carving out her own place in 21st Century country music, Emily Kidd is helping to keep Nashville rooted to what made it what it is.

The emerging songsmith blends styles of the many honky tonk heroes and heroines that came before her, and this is evident in her catchy new boot tappin’ single, “Cry Wolf.”

Opening with a jubilant jam of violin, banjo, and electric guitar, “Cry Wolf” sets the bar high and sets the scene.

The bluegrass band elements and Kidd’s striking vocals have all the makings of a night on Broadway, putting the listener in the front row. Her lustrous voice is rimmed with southern comforts that command attention, and has a hypnotic effect, leaving the listener hanging onto her every word, as it cuts through any amount of distorted guitar or chatter from the crowd at a bar. The honky tonk singer’s wit and symphonic southern sound sets her in a top tier of up and coming country artists.

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“Cry Wolf”

Dripping in traditional southern twang, this upbeat tune draws on fable to tell a story that can be all too real. She cleverly sings lines like, “The demons from your past have an accent that you don’t / So I know when it’s them who’s talking to me,” which embodies the tale of a certain someone who isn’t quite what they seem.

Kidd is no stranger to honky tonk culture or the Nashville music scene. For the past six years, she’s been a frequent flier on Broadway, performing in the rowdiest watering holes down the bustling strip. Her journey through the heart of Music City has given her a lot to say, and she’s not mincing any words. 

“Cry Wolf” has all the ingredients of a sticky country banger that won’t leave your head, and will get you thinking about putting your boots on and hitting the town.

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