Create Or Combust: The Minks Continue To Let ‘Er Rip On Buzzy New Single ‘Creatures Of Culture’

Featuring jagged guitar riffs, syrupy vocals, and bluesy breakdowns, Music City’s psych-rock scene favorites The Minks are turning heads with their new headbangin’ single, “Creatures of Culture.”  

The Minks’ signature sound is a raw mix of fuzzy instrumentation and seeing-color soundwaves. The self-proclaimed “rock and roll circus” is known for their organic songwriting, freeing their music from any restrictions in genre, verbage, or flow. With the band’s unchained approach to music, “You never know what you’re going to get, but you know it’ll be good.”

Front woman, Nikki Barber, brings the soul of low-down rock and roll into this high-voltage new single, demonstrating her alluring vocal prowess along with her six-string expertise. 

Balancing nodes of coyness within the single’s verses and precisely paired with the earnest and raging edge of the song’s chorus, Barber channels the power of iconic rock vocalists Patti Smith and “Black Velvet” singer Alannah Miles. 

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“Creatures of Culture” is a liberating, dancing on the bar top alt-rock groove, with unmistakable elements of acid rock that construct The Minks original sound. The band’s mix of punchy electric guitar and psych-soaked breakdowns deliver a message to let down your hair and leave the past in the past. 

Barber, inspired by the different bubbles within Nashville’s creative clusters, saw the need and desire to grow the city’s rock scene and based the indie band’s identity around the creed, “If you don’t create, you’ll combust.” 

This motto inspired the free flowing, not a care, nature of The Minks, and set the scene for the rock group’s musical emphasis on letting go and having a good time. 

The band is on the precipice of releasing their second full-length album, to which they have a successful Kickstarter campaign rolling, which speaks volumes to the belief fans have in this rock n’ roll circus that is The Minks.

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