Carl Christensen & The Lake Flora Band Need A Lover To Pay The Bills On Satirical Video Single ‘Trophy Husband’

Seattle-based feminist hero Carl Christensen establishes himself as the first country music trophy husband in his band’s newest single, “Trophy Husband.” 

The single and music video, which dropped today June 9th, is about Christensen coming to terms that his career of being a songwriter in the 21st Century just (often) won’t pay the bills- hence the need to find a lover to do just that.

Christensen, the embodiment of Pacific Northwest alt-country music with his illustrious beard, bald head, gold tinted shades and wicker hat, opens the “Trophy Husband” music video with his echoey twang, letting the audience know immediately that, “Well, there just ain’t money in music like there used to be.” 

“Trophy Husband”

The video features The Lake Flora band members Jesse Floyd, Aaron Sturgill, Thomas Corey, and Jake Hansen, all domestically dressed in the kitchen with various aprons (and cowboy hats to fix the sinks), showcasing their fun and satirical side. Sonically, the band provides Christensen with some rolling honky tonk tones while he sings about many men’s elusive if not suppressed dream: finding a lover that supports them financially. 

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“Trophy Husband” is the latest teaser for the group’s upcoming album, Actor, Singer, Liar, Stripper, which drops June 30th. It follows “Talkin’ Paranoia Blues,” which is a great introduction to the absurd, sincere, and politically aware alt-country tone that makes the band unlike many others. The track is a true campfire country tune, almost reminiscent of a leftist more liberal David Allen Coe. 

These singles are prime examples of Carl Christensen and The Lake Flora Band’s reputation for their alt-country tunes lamenting the screwed-up nature of today’s society. They are poignantly self-aware, both trying to make a palpable social commentary and poking fun at themselves among others.

Carl Christensen

Christensen’s unique choice of alternative country paired with simple melodies and witty yet absurdist vocals pay off handsomely with some boot-kickin choruses, elevating the humor intertwined with his music.

CC&TLFB is aware the music industry has a living wage problem, and their solution? Become trophy husbands, stick it to the self-proclaimed alphas, and craft cutting satire in the best way- with country music. 

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