New Release Roundup: Odds, Aline Deanna, & JAD


Alt-Pop Rock

“Fall Guy”

Since 1991, spunky Vancouver-based alt- pop rockers Odds have been churning out anthems and composing musical scores. Composed of Doug Elliott (bass, vocals), Pat Steward (drums), Murray Atkinson (guitar, vocals), and Craig Northey (singer, guitar), the quartet is on the verge of their long-awaited seventh studio album release. Making its debut on August 4th, Crash The Time Machine is centered around the search for community amidst struggle and embracing the future. 

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In the meantime, the band has released their latest single, “Fall Guy,” which offers a blend of two originally separate songs which told the same story. However, Odds combined the two, including both sides of a narrative about a botched heist. One side tells the story from the getaway driver’s point of view, while the other tells of a relationship between a prisoner and their visitor. Now merged into one song, the song’s progression follows the evolution of a relationship. The band’s powerful guitar and drum instrumentation meld well with Northey’s vocals, wielding their way through the story with feelings of both angst and resolution. 

“Fall Guy”

Aline Deanna

Folk, Country

“Over The Edge”

Hailing from a small mountain town, Aline Deanna’s nomadic childhood spent between Alberta and British Columbia has inspired her country and folk sound. Beginning at the age of 7, Deanna’s pursuit of music began in the world of classical music. It was not until after college that she fell in love with bluegrass and country. Attending school for music has enhanced Deanna’s natural ability in songwriting and production, with humor and poeticism at the heart of her melodies. A youth full of traveling has left her with countless stories and perspectives from people of all walks of life, which is always a strong, authentic cornerstone to any songwriting. 

Her latest single, “Over The Edge,” is a prelude to the upcoming collection of songs titled, A Swimming Situation. On the single, Deanna says, “It’s a matter of perspective; either we can let the fact that we’re all just a small blip in the blink of an eye stress us out or we can be freed by this notion.” Inspired by the polarization of her community during the pandemic, she speaks to the collective uncertainty we all feel when faced with challenging our own inner critic. Deanna hopes for shared experience in this uncertainty, as the chorus leads, “We’re all over the edge / Losing our minds to the voices in our heads.”

“Over The Edge”


Indie Pop

“Say What U Want”

With his genre-morphing style and simple yet profound lyricism, JAD brings his unique musicality to the world. Born to Lebanese immigrants in Canada, JAD spent his life caught between identities, an experience that has influenced his identity as an artist. 

Listeners are drawn to his vulnerability and deeply introspective and empathetic outlooks on love and connection. This refreshing perspective stands out in a world consumed with apathy and eminence. His easy-listening style is most magnetic, and the artist has no plans in slowing down his outside-the-box approach to music. 

His latest single, “Say What U Want,” was inspired by communication issues with another setting expectations without an explanation. While his frustration is palpable, the tune maintains gentle, comforting instrumentals paired with JAD’s ethereal voice and honest lyrics, offering something of an Elliott Smith vibe. Giving the song a subtly powerful quality, JAD refuses to conform to those unfair expectations, simply singing, “I can’t be what you want me to.”

“Say What U Want”

Featured photo: Aline Deanna

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