New Release Roundup: Kasador, NYRE, SLAE, & The Out Seer


Indie Pop-Rock

“Quit Your Crying”

A fierce friendship is at the heart of any successful band, and Kasador is no exception. Featuring Cameron Wyatt (vocals/guitar), Boris Baker (bass), and Stephen Adubofuor (drums), the Ontario-based band is transforming their past experiences with tumult and change into art that is both powerful and real. 

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After the loss of their former co-lead singer, the band was forced to reassess their goals, refining their sound and digging deeper. The result is their sophomore LP, Youth, which explores that pivotal period between youth and adulthood and coming to terms with things that can’t last forever. 

Unafraid of delving into the human experience, Kasador’s track, “Quit Your Crying,” traverses the vulnerability that lies beneath a person’s toughened exterior and the frustration that comes with watching a relationship fall apart before your eyes. Watch the music video below.

“Quit Your Crying”



“Glitter with a Vengeance”

For fans of Halsey and Olivia Rodrigo, alternative pop artist NYRE is bringing her own flair to the alternative pop world. Emotion-evoking lyrics, electronic beats, and dark, moody elements add depth to her sparkling sound. The Toronto-based singer-songwriter is known for her introspective lyrics and alluring voice. 

Her latest single, “Glitter with a Vengeance,” celebrates the ceaseless shimmer of glitter, channeling an all-encompassing power. Glitter is not dulled by past heartbreak, instead using it to shine even brighter. A new chapter in NYRE’s dark alt-pop style, the song evokes feelings of strength and perseverance in the wake of personal trials. 

“Glitter with a Vengeance”




Haitian-Canadian musician Stanley Merent, a.k.a. SLAE, was inspired by the music of his Haitian parents and older brother. From Kompa/Zouk to Afrobeat and Dancehall, SLAE’s musical influences include the likes of Jason Derulo and Usher. His own style leans heavily on electronic-infused R&B, Afrobeat, and Pop. After his debut in the music world under his own name, Merent changed his name to SLAE in 2018. 

Following the release of several projects, the single, “Pvris,” is what helped launch SLAE’s fame. In February 2023, SLAE signed his first music distribution deal with Symphonic Distribution Inc. His first release under this contract, “Location,” featured Chino Wawa and Naida. 

The Montreal-based musician just dropped his latest single, “Smile,” which incorporates both French and English lyrics, a nod to SLAE’s heritage. Simply titled, the song was inspired by “the good smiley moments” shared on vacation in the U.S. with companions. “Smile” also tells the story of a man tempted by a woman’s dangerously seductive smile. 


The Out Seer

Modern Rock

“Lost Again”

Vancouver band The Out Seer is more than just a bunch of young rockers. Founded by guitarist Ashley Pierce, the group of friends is dedicated to bringing their original creations to the music world. Accompanying Pierce is Aybars Savat, Amanda Chan, Lachlan Tocher, and Davis Yates, all graduates from Selkirk College’s Contemporary Music & Technology Program in Nelson, British Columbia. Lively not only in personality but also in musical style, the band has cleverly coined the term ‘Pronk’ to describe their genre – a blend of rock, punk, prog, and alternative genres. 

The group’s latest track, “Lost Again,” features Pierce front and center. Inspired by her own experiences with an abusive relationship and feeling left out amidst her peers, Pierce’s angsty vocals set the scene. The title evokes the feeling of being lost in emotion and thought as well as being brushed aside in relationships. 

“Lost Again”

Featured photo: Kasador

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