Ava Della Pietra Portrays The Artist & The Muse In Vivid Music Video For New Single ‘talk it out’

From her early career on Broadway to her current status as a rising pop singer, Ava Della Pietra’s future is shining awfully bright.

The multi-faceted 18-year-old songstress and actress has written over 130 songs since she was just ten years old, and has put out a number of catchy bangers in recent years which includes her September single, “ego.” The bubbly track has won fifteen international and single awards since its recent release.

And on November 10th, she has delivered the next chapter in her artistic career with the new track, “talk it out.”

“talk it out” centers around the lack of communication in a failing relationship. Opening with the lines, “We were fine last week, what happened? / Now we’re enemies, what happened?” positions the listener in Della Pietra’s shoes as she begins to navigate the 180-degree turn of a relationship.

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Her light, velvety vocals are bolstered by pulsing drum rhythms and harmonies that are as fun as they are moving. Her lyrics present that same feeling; while each line is honest and genuine, she manages to create an air of playfulness in every word she sings that renders her music simultaneously emotional and dance-worthy.

Ava Della Pietra // Photo by Georgia Nerheim

The accompanying music video features Della Pietra and her band performing the song inside an artist’s paint studio. The performance is cut by shots of her singing into the camera while posing as a model for the painters, providing the audience with a sense of direct communication that the subject of the song so sorely lacks.

In a defining moment, she cathartically dismantles a gallery of incomplete sketches, a bold rejection of the flawed perceptions that others hold, capturing the essence of seeking true understanding beyond superficial images. This act underscores the message of the song—that we are more than mere images held in the eyes of others, craving for our truths to be seen and understood.

The contrast of the dull black and white background with the bright colors of the paint and Della Pietra’s outfits throughout the video perfectly reflect the juxtaposition in the sound and lyrics of the song, showcasing her creative prowess.

Della Pietra is only just getting started, and with her wealth of work already, the sky is truly the limit for this ambitious pop singer-songwriter. Of her artistry, she states, “Music is such a powerful way to convey my thoughts and ideas; it’s like a journal, a true snapshot of my life. Looking at it retrospectively, it has helped me discover a lot about myself—I hope my songs do the same for others.”

As she proceeds to share her relatable experiences of navigating youth and relationships in the modern world through her music, Della Pietra continues to grow her influence within her expanding fan base.

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