Get To Know: Ava Della Pietra Delivers Bold Self-Assured Feel On New Single ‘ego’

Spunk and spice ooze from pop singer Ava Della Pietra, who already has more experience in the entertainment industry than most do at the ripe age of just 18-years-old.

Beginning her career as an original cast member on Broadway’s School of Rock, Della Pietra has blossomed into a pop artist who’s already established herself with popular tracks like “it started with u”, “My Boyfriend,” and several others. And on September 15th, she dropped her latest jam, “ego.”

Synthetic bass and her signature clean cut vocals are the driving force of the new song, using the lyrics as a mirror held up to a relationship Della Pietra knows won’t work. She dives right into her experience, singing, “We’re from different worlds / Yeah, this would never work / Am I the type of girl that’s just boosting your ego?”

“I wrote ‘ego’ about a guy who was a player, and the whirlwind of emotions I went through in that experience,” Ava shares. “Ultimately, I realized that he was mostly focused on elevating his own self-image.”

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The effervescent single comes along with Della Pietra’s first ever music video, showcasing an effortlessly hip style she acts so naturally in. She dances around in a subway cart with a few stragglers and her band, dressed in dark sparkles and laced up boots, singing the catchy lyrics to her anti-male manipulator anthem.

Della Pietra’s musical capabilities are beyond her years, and she is clearly a rising force in the commercial pop landscape. She’s worked alongside some notable producers, gaining wisdom and insight from Will Hicks, Steven Martinez, and Adrian Gurvitz, all of which have worked with chart-topping artists.

On “ego” she teamed up with Jon Levine, and they are working to evolve her previously sweet and innocent youthful style into her changing persona: a young lady who’s becoming more bold, self-assured, and mature.

As Della Pietra has released an array of singles since 2020, including “Optimist” which reached #50 on Top 40, and her EP truth or truth in 2022, this singer has built herself into one of the hardest working teenagers in the pop music game. We anticipate seeing much more of her down the line.

Photo by Georgia Nerheim

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