SNEAK PEEK: Indie Songsmith Eduardo Gets Cosmic On New Single ‘Spaceship’ Ahead Of Album Release

Do you ever feel like abandoning all responsibilities and spending time among the stars in outer space?

Eduardo does, and he’s put these daydreams into song. 

“Spaceship,” Eduardo’s new single off his upcoming album, Cruising a Melody, focuses on the idea of escaping Earth and all the day-to-day struggles that come with it in favor of hopping on a spaceship and enjoying the perceived peace and quiet of space. 

The song has a raw indie rock feel to it with a groovy percussive shuffle, and almost feels like if The Minutemen went a little more psychedelic and chill. Lines like “From up here everything just seems so small / It’s crowded down there, get away from it all” set the scene for the relaxed vibe of the song and urge the listener to think about their busy lives and consider how to make them less “crowded.”

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The vibe of the track is semi-psychedelic and cool, picking up tempo and slowing down throughout the song, keeping the audience on their toes with every eccentric note. While guitar makes up most of the heart of the song, the drum and bass rhythms are the soul, and work to drive home the message with a very lo-fi feel.

Born in Lima, Peru and based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Eduardo crafted his own unique sound by traveling throughout America and learning from his many collaborators and influences. He has released two studio albums and a live album, and offers a “laid back mystical, beachy folk approach to his sound.”

“Spaceship” is a great example of Eduardo’s signature sound and intended message, and the song’s unique vibe is sure to resonate with those seeking a raw no-frills indie feel.

Cruising a Melody is set to drop on Friday, September 22nd.

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